You Can Vape What?! – Vaping Mullein Leaf and Basil w/ Ascent Vaporizers

– Alright, we have to try Mullein Leaf and Basil now on this episode of “You Can Vape What?!”. The results from these people will surprise you! Click to watch video.

OK, so 8 people. 2 herbs. 1 quality vaporizer. First, the impression everybody had with the Mullein Leaf is that it looks like dust and lint combined. Something that you would get from a dryer or something you would get from insulation or those hamster bedding. But yeah, they tried it and FYI nobody got sick or die during this experiment. 🙂

Next one, Basil seems to be the group favorite since it’s a familiar herb for them. We have observed that it much easier to load. The taste is good for most of the vapers and someone even said that it taste like a healthy snack.

There you go folks, the results are Mullein Leaf = Ewh! and Basil = Yum! But you would only know how it would really taste if you try it for yourself. You could have a different opinion about it. Let us know on the comments below if you have tried it.

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