You Can Vape What?! – Vaping Eucalyptus with the Ascent Vaporizer

– Have you tried vaping Eucalptyus? If not, well don’t you know it helps relieve coughing? Click now to watch the video.

Vaping eucalyptus has a ton of beneficial properties that is commonly said to act as an antiseptic, helps with coughing and stimulates blood flow.

To get going, load up your bowl with your favorite organic Eucalyptus. Pack it tight, close it up and power on. Bring the temperature up to 266 Fahrenheit or 130 degrees Celsius and you’re ready to vape.

So go try vaping eucalyptus with your Ascent today! For more vape and aromatherapy content be sure to subscribe to our channel. Feel free to check out our site at today!


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  1. awesome to kno just bought my accent and want to use it to its fullest would aslo be good to know how to grind it; fine coarse or medium?

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