XLUX ROFFU Premium Dry Herb Vaporizer from X-Vape Product Spotlight

(For entertainment and information purposes only) XLUX ROFFU Premium Dry Herb Vaporizer from X-Vape Product Spotlight. Learn more/ purchase:

Replaceable 18650 battery
Fast Convection heating
Ceramic top/ spiral zirconia airpath
Glass and steel heating elements/ bowl
Clean taste/ flawless performance
Big colorful Illumi screen
Dual modes: Session/ On-demand

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  1. Hey what's your favorite dry herb vape? Like your primary or most used one.

    I saw your flowermate v5.0s video but I wanted to ask if you recommend something else, my budget is around $100 but I don't want something that's not going to last.

  2. I get it.. It's cool, modern, new technology, chargeable, maybe even more convenient. But I'm an old head. Why spend up to hundreds on a gadget when a $5 glass pipe from a gas station and a $1 lighter can give you the same thing without charging and less clean up. Not to mention a descent $20 one hit rig.

  3. I just ordered the Boundless Tera v3 last week mainly for home use but I was looking for a more discreet option for on the go so how would you compare this to the Arizer Argo?

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