Woman Brings a Vape on Dr. Phil to Help Her Deal With Anxiety

“My Dad Can’t Stand My Ex-Boyfriend”
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On the outside, 23-year-old Jen appears to have it all: good looks, a successful business, and a healthy 3-year-old daughter. But sadly, on the inside, Jen says she is living a nightmare and suffers from chronic anxiety. She claims that one of the main contributors is Chris, her ex-boyfriend and father of her daughter. Jen says she and Chris have a toxic relationship, and up until three weeks ago, they weren’t speaking. Additionally, Jen’s father, Steve, and Chris don’t see eye-to-eye – as Steve claims Chris never provided for his family. Chris insists he’s changed his life and wants to prove to Jen and Steve he’s the man she deserves. Today, Jen, Steve, and Chris all sit down together for the very first time in almost a year to hopefully clear the air – but, will Steve allow Chris to get a word in? Are they able to move forward and learn to co-parent? Or, is it time to move on? Tune in to find out. 19124

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  1. It's 2021 m, the internet is filled with synthetic drugs , crack, and meth. This is Nicotine. The us government has a deal with each state to pay a tax on how many people they kill.

  2. Welbutrin truly helped me quit smoking cigarettes. I still vape out of habit. But not nearly as much . $120 a year is a lot cheaper than $120 a month. I used to go through a pack every 2 days. Dr. Phil is harping on the wrong point. But I agree she shouldn't be smoking around her daughter.

  3. At least she knows she’s addicted. Stop shaming her and help her! She clearly knows she wants to get better but everyone’s shaming her instead of helping her internally so she doesn’t have to vape. My mother struggles with an addiction to the nicotine in vaping after she was one year sober from her alcoholism. My sisters and I all have asthma, and one of my sisters is in and out of the hospital because of her lungs and heart since she spends so much time at home around my mom. My mom doesn’t want to get better. This woman on the video has tried to get better and wants to get bette, but needs help to do so. Stop shaming her, she wants to stop!

  4. Add up wine hair appts pedicures dinners out books horror movies rented … you know all the splurge items or “me” time how much does that equal …. So because she’s a she can’t spend some money on herself ??

  5. Yeah vaping isnt even an issue. I vape at the dinner table, in bed, the shower, the car when watching movies and cooking dinner. Literally spend around 25 a day on my bang XXL vape. Lol and me and my boyfriend have 0 issues. He doesn't mind it one bit.

  6. the harsh truth is vaping, and him calling her out for it is all wrong. it’s not good for her health but it doesn’t have anything to do with her relationship. this was all wrong.

  7. Hey let’s not shame people for smoking or anything that they’re addicted to because Dr. Phil I’m sure you’re addicted to coffee or I don’t know being a jerk clearly yeah she shouldn’t swim forever kids but it’s not shame her for that and also I understand and I smoke weed for anxiety I would bring my weed on the show because you make me really anxious

  8. I smoke weed every day for the benefits I can still get stoned and go to work and function take care of my pets and keep my room clean it helps so many of my disablities I mix it with prescription medication

  9. i smoke… have kids, great job, stable and happy marriage, live in the suburbs… dr. phil is a joke, but also a mandated reported in case he didnt mention that again for the millionth time

  10. I wonder why people keep say Vape is addictive..
    Im also a heavy smoker previously. And change to vaping for 3years..
    I never felt vape is addictive at all..
    Is just that your mind is controlling you..

  11. Here's a tip: if you have anxiety, DON'T VAPE! it will make your anxiety a little less serious for a couple of minutes, but it makes your anxiety worse afterwards. It also makes you dependant on the vape which can be REALLY bad, it will also make you more anxious when you withdraw from it. I know that vaping isn't nearly as bad as drinking or doing illegal drugs but it can still make your life shorter and is not healthy.

  12. Wow Dr. Phil has really changed. The old Dr. Phil would be more focused on why is doing it. What causes her anxiety. Trying to help her. Now all he is doing is focusing on the vape itself. Focusing on her having it. How much she is spending on it. Like that’s not even why she is here in the first place. Come on man

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