Wish.com's underage vape dealers…

Did you know that Wish.com sells vapes to just about anybody? And with the average price being around $10 + shipping, their prices beat out the legitimate brands, with bulk orders really taking the cake….

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  1. Puff bars do have a place. Like, I tried to quit smoking a few years back, and I got a vape mod thing, juices, all that shaband, and it was just not the same. I tried for a few days and put the mod in the drawer and went back to ciggies. Then at some point earlier this year, I was at work and for got to bring cigs. One of my coworkers got his spare disposable out and gave that to me, and that shit was good. It simulates cig smoking very closely, and in a weird way, the fact that it's a disposable and it runs out and you have to buy a new one, that also feeds into what cigs are in a weird way.

    But yea, that being said, whenever something gets popular it gets bootlegged by China, and anything that is bootleg is generally not good news. And when it comes to something you put into your lungs, shit, you better pay those extra few bucks for something legit.
    Because you know what hurts more that spending a few bucks? Dying because you saved a few bucks.

  2. It's sad that people have to resort to buying vapes off of wish. Because the government banned the sale of nicotine products to anyone under 21, it made the black market with no regulation more prominent than buying your vape from a company that verifies they're products are safe for consumption. You can potentially destroy your lungs with heavy metals from these knockoff vapes because they were not made by a reputable company. It's like when they made the sale of alcohol illegal to anyone under 21 so in the 90's everyone that lived along the US Canada border would go to Canada and drink and drive home drunk and still potentially get killed. The solution isn't to just ban something but to tell people about the evils about it. Another problem is the government can't think on a teenagers level. Banning the sale of vapes to anyone under 21 is like telling your daughter you can't see that boy anymore with no explanation. At that point you've basically pushed her into his arms. You need to give an explanation on why it's bad and sit down and talk about it. The problem isn't regulating the sale of it but regulating stuff like advertising and making better PSA's about the dangers of smoking. Teens are still going to try it but they're going to be less inclined to try it if you make a better effort to say "THIS WILL KILL YOU."

  3. this only happened because the states get money from tobacco revenue as part of a settlement in the 70s (iirc) when tobacco companies were being crucified by govt and media for being killers. Once this bill passed in congress the interests of the tobacco giants and the government have been perfectly aligned so when the tobacco industry started lobbying as a unified front, these massive tobacco monopolies working together to lobby congress formed one of the most powerful lobbying conglomerates in history and worked to crucify vaping on every level, through the media and politicians. As someone personally affected by this having no quality options in the market and no way to buy vape juice or even ingredients for vape juice to mix myself. For someone trying to quit smoking it takes unbelievable effort, I got lucky because I got to the point where I didn't enjoy cigarettes anymore so I had to stick to vaping and I gladly choose to continue my nicotine addiction just like most people live their whole lives drinking coffee everyday. We deserve a safe alternative to cigarettes.

  4. Just putting this out there: I recently stopped vaping after 3 years of nonstop vaping, it’s so worth it yall! I used to feel like I couldn’t take a deep breath and sometimes had trouble swallowing. That doesn’t happen at all anymore and I feel a lot better in general! Just telling my experience

  5. If you buy a puffbar then just expect it to be fake, I used to work closely with theyre distribution center and they've been shut down by the fda for over a year and a half now

  6. Im about 90% sure that Puff bars are completely banned in the US so any puff bar you get is going to be fake. Maybe it's just where I live but most gas stations and vape shops don't sell Puff bars and if they do they only have maybe 5 flavors max.

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