Why is vaping banned in Singapore?

Recently, secondhand smoke has been a (smoking) hot topic.

What about an alternative to cigarettes which doesn’t smell as bad — vaping? Well, it’s banned. Here’s why, exactly.

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  1. Simple reason la. Garment can't find a way to tax yet*. Coz they all are old saggy cu.nt . Once they can find the way to tax, they will allow the sales. It's no way as harmful as traditional cig. But still slights harmful because it has the addiction nicotine liquid

  2. lol then why don’t banned cigarettes? Because the draconian law government can’t make money from e-cigarettes , the whole country people knows and this video is just trying to divert its reasons for banning! What a BS!

  3. i do quit buying cigarettes when i started e-cigarette…i do save alot of money rather than paying tax daily $15..😂😂😂

  4. E-cigs are not banned in the Philippines and Thailand as opposed to what has been shown in the latter part of the video fyi

  5. What the hell you talking about ? So cigarettes healthy ? No right ? So just sell it .. Health is up to individual .. If they choose to , just let it be .. Any health issue , go hospital .. Same like cigarettes too .. So whats the point actually?? it's our life ! We want our own freedom too !!

  6. Have you someone try to quit using patches? Gums? And or candies? Their become even more addicted to nicotine. Then go back to smoking a pack or more a day

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  8. fun fact:Malaysia have the most e cigarette users after us and other big country
    so malaysia didnt banned for it

  9. Y’all the government just wants to earn money let’s say we all buy the vape and nobody buys cigarettes anymore the government just wants to earn money . Money face basically.

  10. Vaping is better than cigg. It actually lowers your nicotine intake. Anyways govt ban it no use. The more u ban it, the more it circulates. So its better u let it in. At least make some tax. Right now u make zero tax and it still can come in. Banning it is stupidity.

  11. I stopped smoking using a Juul .
    I have much more energy now.

    I would say vaping is much less harmful than cigarettes.

  12. Just to put it simply, they will lose money from tobacco taxes if they dont ban vaping.. it all boils down to money and not the fake concern for health of the public.. its just common sense..

  13. Terrible video and the ‘facts’ presented here are so cherry picked. Definite thumbs down

  14. from what i know , singapore bans vaping due to the large amount of chemicals that has not yet proven to be healthier , despite the multiple youtube videos of tests showing lungs by vapers and smokers . i honestly think that if youre going to ban vaping because it is " not proven to be healthy " then ban the fucking smoking too ! dont ownself complain about the stupid problems you cause .

  15. Vaping can cause ppl to be more dependent on nicotine, yes. However nicotine itself isn't even as harmful as caffeine, not to mention, its not the cause of deaths from vaping or smoking. In cigarettes its the tar and other byproducts from combustion. In vaping, deaths and medical cases are found from unregulated, blackmarket products, like THC cartridges.

    In summary, Singapore, a first world country that still thinks like your mom's aunt.

  16. Lol smoking is worst than vaping if the govt legit is concern about health then ban cigg also 🙄😂

  17. Funny how the UK the NHS and Public Health England both say vaping is far safer and have studies to show this, sad another country controlled by big tobbaco :/

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