What is inside a disposable vape?

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What is up homies! Todays video is quite differant than my usual content but I really feel like it was necisary to make this video as I’m sure all of you know nicotine vapes are now becoming a problem and a trend within the younger generation so lets take a look inside one!! HOPE ALL OF YOU ENJOYED TODAYS VIDEO!! TURN ON POST NOTIFICATIONS FOR MORE!!


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  1. Youre too young to even understand what it is. You prpbably found that on the ground thats why its dirty

  2. i workout everyday plus work a trade job and use the hqd vapes, ive noticed 0 effects or difference, could get hit by a car tomorrow somethings gotta kill ya

  3. As for addiction you can get them with nicotine. If your gonna try educate people get your facts straight otherwise your just causing more problems

  4. It's obvious your not a qualified engineer, and your giving out false information, nor are you a doctor, and no you carnt get water on your lungs like that, you are hitting a li-ion battery are you mental. You reek of inexperience, while you at it you better not go into a steam room. It's just a cotton ribbon soaked in juice. People are modding and taking apart these values that's why they have accidents.

  5. You do realize by handling this without gloves is allowing the juice and nicotine into your bloodstream. Your skin is your largest organ and whatever touches it gets into your bloodstream within 12 seconds ;). Congrats you just injesred the juice

  6. I legit watched this so I could figure out how to get my vape apart so I could see if the battery would recharge

  7. 😂😂😂 the cotton holds the juice u clown the coil is metal that heats up and vaporiser the juice get ur facts straight

  8. my dude the juice is soaked into the cotton. Theres no filter. The metal thing in the middle heats up the cotton to make vapour.

  9. Still is a better alternative to the chemicals that normal cigarettes have. Vapes have a battery that get a activated when air rush thru it, warming a cotton that have a flavor and drops of nicotine.

  10. Oh my god man you will get on fire this is lithium ion battery and should not be punctured.

    Also the cotton is not a filter it is propilene glicol and glycerine and this is what makes the smoke.

  11. Okay, If I'm hitting my vape and what I'm inhaling is Juice how am I also inhaling " battery acid" You do know that the battery is completely sealed and is just used to power the vape yes? How they fuck am I inhaling battery acid g… Don't listen to this dumbass you aren't gonna die

  12. the cotton dosnt fucking filter if and thats the color of the liquid its not filth the coton is what turns the liquid into vapour and the juice is in the cottton they drench the cotton in vape juice

  13. And it isn’t smoke it’s combustion when you suck on the vape it makes it hot and boils to the point where it makes it steam it isn’t smoke so that’s why it doesn’t do as much damage as cigs

  14. I’ve been smoking for a couple years now but I vaped for ages, that Cotten you unraveled it’s what holds the juice all that dirt is what falls in to the vape vaping is completely clean, yes it’s unhealthy everything you breath in that isn’t oxygen isn’t healthy but I rebuild these things all the time those disposables don’t have any nicotine, and the juice is completely fine to ingest Aslong as there’s no nicotine, but only in small amounts of corse.

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