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“We believe everyone should SMILE. We believe NOSTALGIA can be served in a bottle. We take you BACK TO A TIME where things just didn’t matter”.

The New Dinner Lady Disposable Vape Pen

Big on Flavour – Small on Price

Available in 9 Premium Flavours – Banana Ice, Bubblegum Ice, Mango Ice, Fruit Mix, Citrus Ice, Strawberry Mac, Lemon Sherbets Ice, Strawberry Ice and Lemon Tart.

Background: Established in 2016, Dinner Lady has been cooking up a storm in the E-Liquid market, with ranges including Dessert’s, Tuck Shop & Fruits. They have appeared on the ‘BBC The One Show’, been featured in ‘The Huffington Post’ and won numerous prestigious international awards.

Dinner Lady is committed to using premium quality ingredients coupled up with customer satisfaction. The love for the brand has clear with people getting Dinner Lady tattoos, crying when they get a piece of our coveted merchandise or simply shouting about it on social media.
The reason Vape Dinner Lady is beloved is that we have managed to tape into something that transcends all boundaries, race, religion or background – nostalgia.
Get ready to be taken back…


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