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Incredible h3h3 remix —

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Fat rip:

Sick Vape tricks:

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Not Too Cray
The Deed
Gimme Five

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The amazing remix from the end:


  1. Let’s all take a moment to appreciate the time when h3h3 hit its peak and went completely down the shitter from here on in. RIP. Gone but not forgotten.

  2. This is right in the sweet spot between producing awesome content, and having a head that's just a bit too far up his own buttocks. Now, Ethan has become something that he would have ridiculed in his video reactions that made him famous. I absolutely love the old videos. STILL. They're pure gold. His new videos remind me of how a trash person would react to fame and fortune. It's sickening and I just hope that he stops making videos.

  3. Any time someone I know vapes around me I show them this, and I laugh and laugh as they realize what I’m getting at.

    I worked with a girl once who said, “ I’m just going to step outside for minute to use my douche whistle” and showed me a vape. Fuck that was funny.

  4. I loved watching this shit as a middle Schooler but now that it’s legal for me I love watching it even more

  5. Why is this even popular? lol It's like Pewdiepie to me…I don't understand why so many people viewed and liked it lol

  6. All the people saying “I miss the old Ethan”, “Back when you used to be funny”… Can you all get a life? People change and their creative mindset go further than just 7 min YouTube videos. You all don’t have to like the podcast but don’t need to be this whinny about it. He does not owe people his own being. Either take it or leave it. And the podcast is funny af, and a good time.

  7. God this makes me miss h3h3 productions. So sad I watched podcast until maybe 175 episodes or around there and it’s just sad. Was so funny when these two made this type of content

  8. I remember watching this when I was about 11 and I just remember it exits every 6 months dunno why it’s so funny

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