Vape Mail Ban Solutions 😲 YOUR PROBLEMS RESOLVED 🧐 How to receive VAPE PRODUCTS in the US

New rules and regulations have already gone into effect. As a result, USPS, FedEx, UPS and DHL have all suspended shipping vape or any vaping related products anywhere in the US from business to customer. While it may seem pretty extreme and the first thing one would obviously consider is how will they receive the products which they have come to rely on? Don’t worry, there are at least four solutions which I cover in this video that pretty much resolve any concerns in regards to continuing obtaining e-liquid, e-cigarettes, devices of sorts, coils, pods, atomizers and all the other ENDS products you’ve come to love.


Fully compliant retailer which will continue to shipping vape products uninterrupted:

If you’re unhappy that all vape related products are now regulated by the ATF, fall under the PACT Act or dissatisfied with these latest shipping changes, you should most certainly make your voice heard right here:


Here are just a few of the private shipping carriers forming alliances:

More detailed information regarding the vape mail ban, new rules, regulations, omnibus bill, amendment of the P.A.C.T. Act legislation:

Additional information regarding the PACT Act and how it applies to vaping:


LONG MARCH | Unpacking U.S. Vape Mail Ban | RegWatch:

Vaping 95% SAFER? | Public Health England | Snippet










  1. Hello i need more info i live in puerto Rico i can buy and send to some one in the usa ans the other person can change the box and pay the shipping to puerto Rico? i hope you can help whit this info

  2. You saved my butt! I was freaking out and flashes of smoking again crept into my mind then I found your vid. I'm behind but I'm back on it now and I will be mentioning your video and the vape companies that still ship on my vape channel. breaks my heart how innocent people are being persecuted over something that saves our lives. There is only one vape shop in my area and the prices are ridiculous. Thank you so much!

  3. Has anyone used the business he suggested? I just checked and they say they can ship. I tried ALL of my regular websites and got a NO from all of them. We all knew this was coming. They have been trying to get anyone vaping to light up again. I quit the stinky stuff when a pack was $3. Im down to my last coil.

  4. My opinion: The parents that flipped out over kids vaping and dying from it are to blame. Those products the kids were getting their hands on were black market vapes with thc. I see a lot of people vaping them in my state still. I dipped for years and vaping got me off of it now I guess I gotta go back to fucking my teeth up because I’m never home to receive packages. I refuse to jump through such ridiculous hoops to be placed in any kind of database. Whether it’s a universal background check for a gun or vaping I will not comply with any of it. Difference is one is a right and the other is something unregulated that helped a lot of people out there and did more good than harm. I see the same tactics being used in the automotive industry and it’ll probably hit every other industry out there because people put way too much trust into bigger government and never learn or research why everything sucks.

  5. It's actually nowhere near the same information as when you buy a so called "assault rifle" by definition of U.S. law an "assault rifle" is fully automatic and cannot be purchased without paying a $200 tax, and exorbitant and prohibitive price on the firearm, and at least a 6 month wait. The average citizen does not have the means to acquire a so called "assault rifle." Buying a firearm in general still exposes less of your information to the ATF than buying vape products online does. When you buy a firearm the ATF knows nothing about it, you fill out a 4473 instant background check form that gets called into the FBI, the FFL dealer who calls in your information does not tell the FBI what you bought they have no idea what kind of firearm you are buying. That information stays with the dealer until they close their business or surrender their FFL license. At which time they may destroy all of their records.

    The records of these vape mail purchases are going directly to the ATF which is unconstitutional. The Supreme Court has previously ruled that no government agency can compile a list or registration of personal items and that is exactly what this is. This is a registration of every vape product bought on the internet.

    Also something to note. These online retailers are not following the law and I support them in that. I have had at least a dozen packages from online retailer since this went into effect. Some have shipped USPS, others have used private couriers. Every one of those packages has been left on my door step while I was at work. They simply do not care what the law says, it is unconstitutional and unenforceable.

  6. thats all good for states that can still sell flavored ejuice..i live in ny and has a po box in pa but now that usps is no longer shipping i had to go the diy route which isnt as easy and everyone makes it out to be or cheaper especially when you already got a vape juice you love..this shit is ridiculous i almost went back to smoking cigarettes.

  7. Thank you for sharing this video. It helps to expose a loophole, and also brings up the frequent misunderstanding of the core problem, which is essentially twofold: 1) Nicotine is the problem due to its highly addictive nature. 2) The nicotine and other non-nicotine-toxins simply cannot be contained if the method of self-dosing is via the air (inhalation/exhalation).

    By contrast, few complain about secondhand nicotine exposure when the method of ingestion is orally (chewing tobacco, candies, gums), topically (patches), or far less common but noteworthy, intravenous injection.

    Thank you again, and thank you to those in the medical and public health community seeking to educate and protect us.

  8. They might not be giving up but the raising of prices to cover high shipping costs is going to drive a lot of vapers away. People orderd online to get things cheaper or things their vape store didn't cary…..

  9. This is so dumb. I panicked last month when I went to buy what I needed and literally couldn’t find a place to ship to me. I had no idea this was happening. I found ONE place in California to ship to me. The one vape place near me is 45 min away and doesn’t carry hardly anything.
    This is so bizarre. I really don’t want to end up going back to cigarettes.

  10. ok so 2 things.. I didn't know it was this serious before I knew of all this I ordered from one of my normal places 8vape and they did charge a bit extra and they also made a big deal about how I had to be home.. at the time I didn't know I thought it was just them or something. Anyway I got my package the private delivery company guy was actually super fucking awesome and he went way out of his way to make sure he came back when I was available … All that said.. isn't the law just saying they can't ship to individuals? So if I start a LLC called something like "Diamond Vape supply and ejuice" as long as I pay the fees to start the business and incorparate then I can get stuff shipped to my "Business" address aka my home right?

  11. One difference from firearms. You can't have ANY firearm delivered to your door. (any part other than the serialized part of a firearm, which is the part that's considered the actual fire arm by the ATF, Like lower receiver of an AR-15, can be delivered to your direct address. Mags, barrels, trigger groups, firearm furniture, etc.) It must be delivered to a local federally licensed firearm (FFL) dealer and background check/pick up from there

  12. Government paid people to say vaping was bad open your fucking eyes and see how much it’s actually helping people get away from cigarettes tobacco industry is starting to go right down so they’re getting pissed off that they’re losing major money

  13. Started vaping late 2012 after 43 yrs of smoking and no luck quitting. Since I'm a cheap SOB I started doing DIY ejuice, my own coils, etc back in the beginning of 2013 and every atomizer (RDA, RDTA RBA, RTA) we have is rebuildable. Wire, cotton, VG, PG, flavors and batteries are generic multi-use items so they are easy to obtain and I have 3L of 100mg nic though I have been using zero nic for 4 yrs now and my wife is down to 2mg so that nic will last a long long time.

  14. PLEASE FOR GOD SAKE DON'T CALL IT A ASSAULT RIFLE! There is a background check for every firearm sold other than muzzleloader and a private sale. The only guns registered are full auto, short barrel gun's and suppressors. All full Auto gun's built from 1986 and after must be registered under the NFA and a tax paid, YEAH THAT'S A TAX FOR A CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT. If you get a FFL SOT you can build new full auto guns but you can NOT sell them or transfer them at all and if and when you pass away the ATF will come in and take them to be destroyed. This country is becoming more tyrannical by the day. Keep voting for ANY Democrats and CAREER REPUBLICANS LIKE LINDSEY GRAM AND THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS. ALL GUN LAWS ARE UNCONSTITUTIONAL. A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. IT'S NOT JUST ABOUT A MILITIA OR HUNTING IT'S ABOUT THE RIGHT TO OWN FIREARMS TO PROTECT YOU YOUR FAMILY AND PROPERTY FROM PEOPLE INCLUDING A TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT. AT THE END IT Boldy STATES SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED..

  15. this is just proof that big tobacco and other companies are paying off government agencies and influencing what laws get put into place. treason.

  16. Utah has announced that they are not even prosecuting until they have everything in order and that’s still months out , I wish the online vape stores knew that cuz I can’t seem to find even one that will ship to me in Utah & I am housebound due to my back& hip so I now can’t even get the 1.5 ohm coils I need not be able to buy more juice and I also like to buy 5 or 6 disposable flavored vapes/ecigs to try em and now I’m screwed & frankly It would be easier for me to go back to cigarettes cuz stores deliver now and they deliver smokes with your groceries but they were killing me so I went to this& now I’m running outta options ughhh

  17. In other words. They don't want people making their own cigarettes and vape products and selling them directly to other household's that could be a scam and/or unsafely made. Kinda like the popcorn lung scare. Sounds like making a mountain of a mole hill but whatever.
    On a seperate note those of us who use rda and rdta along with homemade juice have no worries at all. Interesting.

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