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  1. Does this cartridge keep leaking through the coils bottom & throught the sides of the cartridge after a refill? Both of my G2 leaks like shit even after changing to a new cartridge.

  2. How is the flavour once the battery hits the "blue" section? I love my G2 but that's the biggest downside for me – once the battery lost around 40% of it's charge and changes from green to blue, it jus tastes less intense because the Caliburn automatically limits the power output. Is this problem fixed with the X (given that you can manually adjust power output)?

  3. The adjustable air flow is a total mess, even if you barely touch it, it will move, it's a very loose button. People will hate it, as i do, just because it's a hassle to set the airflow button every few minutes. Big big design flaw.

  4. Thanks Mike I agree with all your pros bigger battery, 3ml instead of 2ml or less adjustable airflow adjustable wattage definitely going to take a look at the caliburn x. And that blue is very sweet looking.

  5. I just got mine, but on the inside of device its it says that it is ” sample not for sale”. Does that matter ? Plus its has 2ml container, its is written in manual too, but on official site it is written as 3ml. Does anyone has explanation ?!?

  6. "Endowment takes you further" on the box …is that Uwell's way of telling you that size does matter? 🤣🤣🤣

    All jokes aside, this looks like a winner for the Caliburn series, and thanks for yet another stellar review, Mike!

  7. Great review but disappointing pod system! If Vaporesso can get 1000mah in a tiny little device why can Uwell! It looks more and more like the OG Caliburn was the best Uwell could do!!

  8. Just brought one of these! Can’t wait, I’ve use so many Caliburn pods now and I absolutely love them!! Great review as always Mike! ❤️

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