Uwell Amulet Pod Watch Vape

Hey guys check out this crazy new vape from uwell, its a vape but its also a watch! It tells the time goes and wrist but blow phat clouds too! Come see!

Thanks to UWell for sending.

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  1. I can see the benefits of the design in certain situations e.g. when you don't have access to pockets, somewhere any standard pod can be hidden. So I don't buy into the whole disguise argument. Glad to hear your thoughts on the quality as others have described theirs as rather poor, with the screen easily scratched and the clip area of the pod breaking rendering the strap unusable…..

  2. Nicely done Mr.
    As much as I can appreciate the innovation of this device I have to agree- things like this are going to become problematic for the whole scene.
    My 2c is it shouldn’t even be a thing

  3. Oh no you didn't. Omg vick that's just wrong. You reviewers should all talk and refuse to review these stupid pods. I see the chinese have also made a Lolly Pop pod. Just wrong. Great review tho mate.

  4. for people wearing watches , analog ones this is not a good idea, for those using apple watches this won't do any good, there are small pods one can carry in his pocket instead of wearing a cheap vaping pod watch one, so for functionality and convenience i doubt it can make a pass. imo

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