USPS Finalizes Vape Ban for Delta-8 & CBD | Can you mail vapes? | Regulatory update 2021

The United States Postal Service Finalizes Vape Ban for Delta-8 & CBD


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Read the ONLY Exceptions from the Regs:

Intra-Alaska and Intra-Hawaii
Mailings: Intrastate shipments within
Alaska or Hawaii;
Business/Regulatory Purposes:
Shipments between verified and
authorized tobacco-industry businesses
for business purposes, or between such
businesses and federal or state agencies
for regulatory purposes;
Certain Individuals: Lightweight,
noncommercial shipments by adult
individuals, limited to 10 shipments per
30-day period;
Consumer Testing: Limited shipments
of cigarettes sent by verified and
authorized manufacturers to adult
smokers for consumer testing purposes;
Public Health: Limited shipments of
cigarettes by federal agencies for public
health purposes under similar rules
applied to manufacturers conducting
consumer testing.
18 U.S.C. 1716E(b)(2)–(6). Outside of
these exceptions, the Postal Service
cannot accept or transmit any package
that it knows, or has reasonable cause to
believe, contains nonmailable smokeless
tobacco or cigarettes.


  1. Can we still buy delta 8 distillate online like just a jar of distillate? Or is that banned in vape mail, and what about empty 510 carts?

  2. 70 years ago, usps didnt want to ship playboy magazine..but hugh hefner, the legend, sued them and forced them to ship it. so i guess we all haveta do the same thing. with their refusal to ship legal products. also, wine companies ship their wine but declaring it as water, as alcohol which is flammable is banned like any flammable liquid.

  3. E-cigarettes are not the same thing as hemp vape cartridges. All hemp products are federally legal.

    If USPS don’t want to ship federally legal products then DHL, FedEx, and UPS will pick up the slack.

  4. I suspect the uk and Europe market will be getting an influx of pens 🤔
    Always watching from England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 guy, take care and stay blessed 🙂🙏🕉☮️☯️

  5. Is it still ok to ship dropper bottles of CBD/Vegetable Glycerin for 'pet meds' and if it also works in a tank of a high quality vape mod that is just a happy coincidence?

  6. Miggy, you should checkout Steve Let how's channel epp. from10/28/21. Its about some cops taking a dispensary's cash when they crossed state lines.

  7. So there was a study done on the 70’s that showed promise that delta 8 may reduce the size of lung cancer tumors. The study was never completed once Nixon declared war on Drugs. Anyway I would think I should be able to sue them as I won’t be able to get something that helps me breath from a healthcare cannabis company. I have lung cancer and have been eating delta 8 gummies and vaping delta 8. It helps me breath and live a better life. These ban is an attack on my inalienable rights of life and the liberty to choose how i deal with a life threatening illness. I wonder if the ACLU has anyone who would take this up

  8. If you are a patient, under the Obama care act, you can have medicine shipped to your home.??. Wouldn't this be the loop hole?

  9. Can we mail 🍷🥂🍻🍺? Of course u can, this can & will be challenged for being fucking stupid….

  10. Tom, would it be legal to sell & mail the vape oil & just fill your carts with a syringe ? Wouldn't that be the same as tincher or eye dropper CBD ??

  11. Well, the U.S. postal service just sealed their fate. Welcome to the new postal service replacing them with more efficiency, and less complaints…..Fed Ex or Amazon.

  12. Wow I am thinking now that it will probably beginning to start coming back on the 5th of November for Delta 8 thc

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