Top 7 Best Vape Mods Of 2021 (Best High End Vape Mods)

Hello and welcome back, we hope you’re ready for another exciting roundup of cutting-edge vaping tech because today we’re going to be taking a look at some of the very best vape mods available, each with a different feature that makes it stand out as one of the most well-designed mods for a given use and feature.

The Top 7 Best Vape Mods are:

Aspire Zelos 3
Eleaf iStick Power 2
GeekVape Aegis Legend 2
Voopoo DRAG X Plus
Innokin Z50
Vaporesso Gen S
Lost Vape Grus


  1. i’m looking for a good dtl vape. i’ve been doing mtl for about 2 years now. i want to make the switch. any suggestions? i don’t need the priciest one. just one with good clouds

  2. You're really either kidding or have no idea of ​​the topic you made the video for! This is complete bullshit ! Do you know what a good battery life is … to last a few days of intensive use! In this case, your eleaf istick that you advertise for "long battery life" farts and suffocates in the dust of many mods. Apparently you haven't heard anything about the monster Dovpo Odin-200! All these mods you presented cannot be compared to it! It's also funny that you present for "High End Vape Mods" ones that cost 30-40 dollars each! If they can be called "High End Vape Mods" then how the hell should we call those that cost 150-200 ?! You become a laughing stock with your incompetence on the subject …!

  3. Love these videos BUT.. it would be fantastic if you could please list them on the screen while you're reviewing! I know you have it listed below but still.

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