1. I have the Caliburn g and I hate it, it always leaks. Can someone point me in the right direction to a vape that holds a lot of juice without leaking?

  2. We need more squonk mods now…like od 21700s, co’s please will buy….Og said it squonks are better. Rip knows. Rip come out with a line of 3 squonks please. Both my dovpo topside lite mods are broken. bottles are done . No spare. They leak but mod still good. Luckily, can use as regular mods. Cant find spares anywhere. The dna squonks leak from inside ultem plastic versions. So im done. Back to rtas.

  3. Glad to see you're still around! Used to love your videos, got married, wife made me quit. Got divorced, now looking at getting back into vaping since I never wanted to quit 😂. Just need to pick something out.

  4. It’s so nice to see the old school back round from back in the days…I’m still vaping on goon, csmnt and the latest being the taurin max that surprised me… All on my stacked broadside mechanical mod…. You agree there’s nothing like those OG clouds that only RDAs make

  5. Didn’t know ppl still use box mods n blow huge obnoxious clouds. Used too have too do that until they improved pod systems. Vaporesso xross. Excellent product flavor and blows great clouds for what it is!! Never thought I’d put my big boy down.

  6. For me, it has to be the Horizon Tech Sakerz tank and 0.16 mesh coils. Blows every other tank and AIO out of the water for flavor, but obviously were all different and taste is subjective.

  7. Mine so far has to be the Fortis 100W mod with a PNP coil adapter and Voopoo VM5 PNP coils. I do really like the Drag X pro mod with the power switch. Both mods you can use a single 21700 Battery. If you use other Tanks on the Drag X Pro it would be my favorite mod.

  8. Abyss dna60 aio , lethal rta qp designs .
    Lost vape thelema dna250c, violater rta qp designs . Lost vape drone dna250c squonk , Valhalla mini rda . That's vape life my friend . If you love vaping something worth while and smoked for 18 years like me , these expensive ass vapes are chump change to stay off the icky sticks .

  9. I'll tell you what.. if my Original Aegis boost pods didn't leak n the Rbta also didnt leak? Psshh that boost has been really good to me n the hero is wider n not as attractive but since addressing the leaky pod seams it deserves the nod over the boost..the new Aegis pro 21700 is great but the coils are just too expensive so ID be using the Rba deck or the 510 adapter n just throw my mesh n single coil Rtas on it like I did with my Argus Pros,Voopoo drag X etc..the 510 turns these pod mods into mods so u at least have options with atomizers instead of being trapped in pnp coil land which u might as well call them plastic sub ohm tanks

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