Tom Scott chokes on vape

Go check out the original video, it’s awesome.
Not an ad for Tom Scott’s channel, by the way



  1. I could hardly smoke all day today for about a hundred reasons, least of which only having BBQ torch as a lighter. As I was not born as Yao Ming with 18 foot wingspan and or height and or Admiral Akbar with eyeballs on top of my head, my usual means of a socket and bottle/gravity bong were out. So I went to the old high school days with a bottle of vodka, a carabiner, some duct tape and bag of bread and made myself an artificial automatically lung. 2 liters worth of buttermilk shotgunned to the dome piece after a 36 hour non consensual weed fast later and Tom and I were one.

  2. The funniest part about this clip is that the video it comes from is a very serious and honest discussion on advertising in online and legacy media, and this dumb clip has more views then that.

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