Thelema Quest by Lost Vape!

This video is for people 21+. Some of the products used in this video may contain nicotine. In this video we check out the Thelema Quest kit by Lost Vape. This kit comes with the UB Pro tank and the Thelema Quest mod. The mod takes two 18650 batteries and has the Quest chipset.




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These videos are my opinions based on the experiences I have had with the product. Some of the products I have received at no charge or at a discount for the purpose of review. I retain the right to say whatever I want about the products, and I have always been 100% honest in my videos.


  1. Hi Nice informative review. I like this mod and I'm actually looking to add a new one to my collection but undecided on either this mod or the voopoo drag 3 which would you recommend. Ty for the review

  2. I Don't buy any new mods that dont have centered 510s!
    Love the chipset thats in my Ursa Quest device! Love that this is a C-frame with changeable battery door/covers.
    Excellent review Matt! Keep up the Great work!

  3. I really like mine and even though it doesn’t have the expensive chipset it works just as good. As a matter of fact the battery management is way better.

  4. Mine should arrive by Saturday or Monday hopefully. Heard great things about the Quest chip and I like the looks of the Thelema. I've already purchased a couple of DNA mods over the summer and I wasn't trying to break the bank so it was a no brainer for me to pick this one up.

  5. Thank you, sold, sold sold. I have a gunmetal tank looking for a home, probably another 12 to 18 month daily use fire button, but I'll keep trying for a real heavy duty fire button, someday.

  6. Please buy a RBA for the UB PRO POD! – WOW – That is a really joy to build on, so easy and give like same flavors as the coils you else have to buy.
    I do own the DNA version of this super impressive mod… I really don't want to buy more, but man…. they have made the mod in one of my dream colors, soooo ….. WIFE! Were is the credit card! 🙂

    PS: Your are one of the best reviewers out there, like your work so much!

    Greeting from Denmark.

  7. Very good mod right there, glad to see more 2 battery units. Looks simple to set up. And I do love the battery percentage gauge on it. The tank I am not wild about because I like to build my own coils. The best part about the tank is that it uses Mesh Coils. But that is just me.

  8. Yep She's a Beaut that's for sure lol I love the quest 2.0 chip it's amazing for me I have no need for a DNA yes this chip is that good imo

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