The Vandy Vape Pyro RDTA V4 – The Pyro makes a comeback

The Vandy Vape Pyro RDTA V4 is the latest in a long series of RDTA (Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomisers) that have been released from Vandy Vape. With a massive overhaul of the airflow design, the Pyro 4 is a marked overhaul from its first three iterations.


Vandy Vape Pyro RDTA V4 – CHAPTERS

00:00 – Intro and specs
04:00 – Close up and build
18:00 – Vape
19:00 – Thoughts


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  1. Hi Vic. Actually it's the first time looking onto your Channel. Mainly because I'm from germany and didn't get in touch with english Vapingchannels and i'am litteraly amazed how excited you are about the Pyro. I saw many videos how to wrap this thing up and, believe it or not, all of them did it the "wrong" way like ,,cotton to the bottom" so I thought to give up on this thing before i'll have to spit liquid. Long story short: It got really messy. See what's going to happen. XD Thanks man <3

  2. Another benefit of RDTA and reason why I love then is when it's time to rewick, rewicking rdtas is so much easier and faster than most RTAs, no need to disassemble, just remove the top cap.

  3. The filling port makes this almost totally useless. You can't fill it from the top when the cotton is in place, and none of my different bottles have a tip small enough for the hole, what were they thinking? I filled it before the cotton was in and it tastes great, once it needed filling again I couldn't do it without juice going everywhere. Total waste of money. I may try to drill it out. Good review but you should have made more of the ludicrous filling port.

  4. Top coil squonk RDTAs is my favorite category of atomizers. The Pyro V2 through V4, the Tauren RDTA, Tauren Max RDTA (my favorite), the Mato, the Galaxies MTL RDTA, and even the Kestrel. They are the best of all worlds, to me.

    The primary excuse for these to exist is because they are squonkable and have certain advantages over both RTAs and RDAs.

    With an RTA, you have to carry around a separate bottle to refill it. You don't have to with a squonk RDTA. You can use a squonk mod to refill the tank. Think instant one handed refilling of your tank while driving. You can not do that with an RTA. It's also a bit easier to pull off the cap and see the condition of your coil & cotton, to know when you need to change it, or to make adjustments to your wicking, without the risk of dumping an entire tank of juice everywhere. (great for beginners just learning to build)

    With a squonk RDA, over and under squonking is a real issue for some people, especially beginners, which is why squonking is usually considered only for more experienced vapers. Not so with a squonk RDTA, since you have that tank that acts as a window for you to see how much juice is in there, so you know exactly when you should give it a squeeze.

    Plus you can still use it as a traditional dripper, if you want to, dripping juice directly on your coils. This has an advantage for those looking to step down their nicotine, but not decrease their vaping. You can fill the squonk bottle & tank with a lower level of nicotine juice for normal usage, and then drip a higher nicotine juice only when you feel like you need a bit of an extra nicotine boost. (This same advantage exists with squonk RDAs, too)

  5. Perhaps your right about rdta's fading away Vic , but have the Pyro v3 and think it's outstanding for flavour . Also have a Digiflavor Pilgrim which has top filling and beats most rda's for flavour because of how tight the coil chamber is , but with improvements in coils and airflow on rda's coming out these day's no doubt they will slowly fade away . After watching your review though I may just get one of these . Nicely reviewed .

  6. This is the first bit of kit that im genuinely excited for. RTA's will always have a handicap against RDA's when it comes to flavour because of the distance the vapor travels from the coils to the mouth. An RDTA has all the benefits of an RTA but keeps the coil placement relative to the mouthpiece the same as an RDA which keeps the flavour at a max.

  7. wonder what muppets thumb down on this video, but anyways nice review Vic, I had the OG iJoy Limitless leaked everywhere all the time on me. Probably not the best choice for someone moving onto rebuildables

  8. Maybe I am wrong but that airflow doesn't look great. Seems like it'll just dilute the vapor too much and not actually be hitting the coils in the right way. Interesting though, and its good to see another rdta.

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