The Ultimate Pod Kit? // Vandy Vape Unicorn Pod Kit Review

The Ultimate Pod Kit? // Vandy Vape Unicorn Pod Kit Review

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  1. I have question. My husband bought Vandyvape Jackarroo. It of course has a rechargeable battery BUT he can’t replace battery like I can with my Geek vape Obelisk 200. So question is how long will his last? Doesn’t seem like a good investment ($100.00). Love you guys! Videos are informative and entertaining! By the way love you hat!👍🏻❤️ Thanks Dawn Michele from Southern Illinois US🇺🇸🇺🇸

  2. I have the Caliburn g but it leaks way too much and I hate it. Can someone tell me a better vape to get pls? I need one ASAP

  3. Thank you for this video because I couldn't find any reviews on this vape anywhere and I just ordered one last night!!!! I was second guessing my decision until I seen your video!!!! Great video too btw!!!!

  4. in america there is quite a few top filling tanks and pods, though idk if you guys have access to the brands…

  5. You don't happen to know if there's any replacement tanks/pods for it? I might be enclined to buy a few kits otherwise if I like it as much as I think I will when the delivery comes through 😛 But it would be handy just to swap out the pods to change inbetween flavours 🙂

  6. The best pod at the moment is the Caliburn AK2 (or A2 is you prefer a different shape). The quality you get for you pay is just unbeatable

  7. Could you guys do a review on the Moreish puff vape juice range one of the best uk made flavours about I recon

  8. Thank you very much, excellent presentation… 😎👍Have you heard of the planned new Liquid Taxes in Germany…. Still for basic Liquid without flavor… 1Liter~>200€😲We need dexit, you doi'n right in the UK 🤗

  9. Big thanks for mentioning the vg/pg ratio recommended for the pod and coil – as a new vaper for me this is the most confusing part so far – I burned through 🔥 too much liquid unnecessary… keep up this good habit!

  10. Was having a flat point today, just a bit mneh when suddenly your video popped up. At that point I was inspired to 'keep on keeping on'.

  11. I think I'll vape on one of these whilst sitting down for a Blade Runner and Dune sesh…

    (Edit for a Tony Budget mention.)

  12. Hello, Would you recommend this for using nic salts? Thanks

    I recently bought an ak2 and found the a2 very leaky

  13. Perfectly timed video, dropping just as needed a little entertainment unleashing fury upon the porcelain pot. Always entertaining, best hobbyist channel on the format

  14. Another great lil bit of kit. Really seems like a good next step device to help develop confidence in the intricacies of vaping devices. Thanks very much gents

  15. Really liking you guys, love the format, face to face like smith and jones comedy. And of course a very informative review, well done guys loving it.

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