1. Yo, i just figured out how to reset Nord 4 Puff count
    U need to press the fire button with the wattage minus button at the same time

  2. this guy gives me anxiety lol

    besides that, i just bought the kit. whats the difference between rpm 1 and rpm 2? which one gives better clouds? which one hits not as hard even on 5w setting? if you adjust the air hole from half way to full open or fully closed, whats the difference? can someone please help explain that, thanks!

  3. I hate thumb nails put you C K here. So many men posing like porn girls its insane. Like you actually chose that image. Them too. Not a thought about it.

  4. Tried a lot of kits, now using the Nord2 for 3months and i will say its the best kit i've ever used. Nord 4 looks awsome to but i will stay using Nord2. Either its a great vid man👍🏼🔥

  5. if u just could speak little bit slower?? like u r not on ampphetamines or something??? so we can take u suriously….for us that dont know u we dont know if its yr style of speaking and presentation Reviews or JUST make fun but i dont know if say anything u say seriously r NOt
    Ps1: and if u are on something what is it??? I wanna know , never know some day , one day i mayu need a little boost!!!!!! (u can email me or FB inbox if its problem to write its here) 😉

  6. Lmao Smok said screw Nord 3, let's go straight to the Nord 4 lol.He would be funny to smoke bud with man.Been watching you for years bro keep it up brother lol.

  7. i have the nord x and thinking bout upgrading to this cause mine is a little broken but im seeing a lot of pros and cons first thing is why have 80w range if they only have coils up to 50w, is it safe to use it at 80w for short amounts of time?, i think i prefer the rubber protection on the nord x. 4.5ml tank instead of 6ml why downgrade and whats the point in the lock when u can just shutdown. think this the only video ive senn someone properly chug clouds, great video love the energy

  8. Would I get a satisfying hit using the 0.14 coil with 6mg nic? Could I use 24 mg salt nic with it, or would I die? Can I use 50 mg salt with the 0.4 or will I lose a lung and dinner from last night?

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