“The Only Vape I’ll EVER Need”? Let’s See! – Legacy Pro Review

Today I do a mobile vape review on the best mobile I’ve seen come through my mailbox in months and months; the Legacy Pro by Airvape. Let’s take a look at its capabilities.

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  1. this vape is cool af

    i started my own brand of rolling papers recently i would love to send you some free packs to try !
    i sent an email too!

  2. Says …Lex,
    Awesome candor man
    Continuously impressed
    Must respect is due

    Gettin' after it
    Thanks for perennial flex
    Everything you do

  3. Here I was, ready to knock it thinking it's no better than my Pax3, then ya gotta go and show us the 18650 🤣🤣 the fact it appeals to us nic vapers was genius. It's likely such a huge share of nic vapers who use cannabis, that like dry herb vapes. Meaning we'll already have the extra batteries laying around. So epic

  4. youtube cares abt what u put in the description but you can put links in the comments bec they don't check that when looking for a videos guidelines

  5. It was a good video to see and to watch the out come.. the price might be to high,, but hay what are going to do,, but pay for the besr!!

  6. Nice looking vape and it has some great features ,I still love how small and compact the davinci IQ is 😊 but I'm glad to see that there is a new player in the game of herbal vaporizers I think that there is still a lot of room for improvement in the herbal vape category

  7. Hello I have this vape I love it! don't pull so hard it cuts down on the mess in the chamber. I take slow steady draws like on the firefly vape you will still get good vapor production . Nice video information 👍

  8. Have had one for over a year, use mine at 275 f to keep it from combusting, once I got used to that it is great ,don't use it for concentrates,though.Agree about batteries and love wireless charging.

  9. Great choice for a review, this is like a beefed up FireFly 2+. it makes nice AVB cakes when you are done.

  10. Man, your comment about batteries reminded me of my old Samsung with a removable battery. Had a spare would keep charged and never ran out of juice. Enjoyed the video thanks, great review and interesting vape!

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