The Lost Vape Ursa Nano – The Ursa gets a pod refresh

The Lost Vape Ursa Nano is a shrunk-down Ursa to fit into the pod market as a refresh of the pod kit offerings from Lost Vape.


Lost Vape Ursa Nano – CHAPTERS

00:00 – Intro, specs and close look
05:00 – Vape
07:00 – Thoughts

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  1. i just got this maybe a couple of months ago. it's full charged but when i vape it, nothing happens and the light turns light purple or white but sometimes green but i still can't get any vapor. any suggestion on what to do?

  2. Thank you so much for such a perfect review!

    Main Features of Ursa Nano:
    Smart pod detection
    Adjust your airflow
    Leakproof design
    Maximum 18W output
    Built-in 800mAh battery
    Type-C fast charging
    Smart charging indication
    Smooth magnet connection

  3. Man I am getting so impatient for this to become available. I need a new MTL setup, my Nord 2 is so leaky but its been a good run

  4. They really are going backwards. They don't care when it goes into landfill, it's all about profit, it'll still be there 1000 years on, which is bloody rubbish. I'd rather have a coil that can be recycled in the metals waste bin. So shit.

  5. Nice to see most pods can handle higher VG nowadays / plus potential for cheeky DTL. Interesting.,;, if not outstanding

  6. I feel like most prefer the locked pods vic, it's easier to change flavors. I personally loathe coil pods like Caliburn g. If you have a flavor that permeates the pod and never goes away, you have to buy a new empty pod that shops never carry, so I end up just not using the pod ever again. It's a lot more waste, sure, but that's like worrying about a pinhole leak when your boat is sinking from a massive hole. What you call "locked pods" are what the market wants, that's why we're going back to it. Coil pods just didn't cut it.

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