The ELEAF iSolo S is Sexy!

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  1. Good review there Mike. A couple of PERSONAL CONS for me are: Small battery, it should be a 21700 replaceable. The biggest problem with built in batteries is, once the battery dies, which it will, you have to throw the whole damn thing away. The Tank is made of PLASTIC. Some juices have been known to crack plastic, not good. The color of the tank should be lighter so you can see the juice level better. But the size and all is good, and it is a good looking unit.

  2. I loved my Eleaf pico squeeze 2, was my workhorse for along time… wish they would bring them back.
    I wore a divet in the door by clicking it fiddling with it for fun.
    Only issue I ever had was the charge port.

  3. I agree with all you said and love the copper as well . I also call that top fill …i see another con though ..and its not just this one ..its anything but especially black that you can't see through to your fill line easier. Nobody wants to be going down the road at night or dim lighting and can never see what your doing and the driver saying cut that light off I can't see to drive..etc ..cause lots of situations. Maybe you should make one with a huge exterior battery and a great range of coils all around the .5 and keep all the good stuff but fix the non preferred and add a light that can be lit to see or at least a window for fill line or both. Most people who vape at low wattage are assumed to be moving smaller amounts of ejuice with higher nic but this is not true. That coil needs to be able to move large amounts of ejuice …really large because lower nic and across the span of a day..also needs to be suitable for various drip tips because ppl vary so much on restriction …it would need to be able to go from broad to more restrictive at the top as well as the airflow if it's gonna be a built in drip tip maybe a a spinny drip tip that has something ya know some way of open and close drip tip to suit wether or not the outside still looks the same or whatever is easier to design and implement but it's something that's needed doing on many devices and and without burning up the coil . The coil has to be able to take and cool or whatever it's got to do between hits regardless various restrictions. If you see what I mean.

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