Teen was in the fight for her life after vaping a cartridge a day I Nightline

Simah Herman, 18, became an anti-vaping advocate after surviving a severe lung illness that caused her to be placed in a medically induced coma – one of several recent incidents linked to vaping.



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  1. Vaping is not heating and inhaling any kind of oil like the doctor says, e-cigarettes contain propylenglykol, vegetable glycerin, flavor and nicotine if you wish, no oil at all. She got sick because of some contaminated THC vape cartridges. Fact is nicotine vaping is a lot more harmless than smoking nicotine.

  2. This girl is just like me as a kid, I have a very addictive personality and I've struggled with drug addiction throughout my life and that's all this is.

  3. All this shows is that children lie and unregulated substances lol, I've been vaping for over 10 years and I have experienced absolutely no negative health effects at all. I'm not going to say that it can't cause them because it obviously can, but as a person who was already healthy when I started vaping I have not had any noticeable decrease in my level of overall health

  4. When this came on the news a couple of years ago everyone in the smoke shack at my job were advising me to put down the vape and get help, some even telling me to pick the cigs back up. All while power smoking 5 cigs. I just laughed at them. Now it’s been 2 years and I barely even touch my vape. I might toot it a few times when I have a drink but I don’t even take it out of the house much, but still enjoy it. My coworkers are still power smoking the cigs.

  5. Lies lies lies and more lies from the fairer sex. Amazing once the black market was shut down this all stopped.
    Even more ironic covid started not very long after this.

  6. Im 54, smoked 38 years, last 10, smoked and vaped. Stayed incredibly healthy, no breathing issues.

    Quit smoking cigs 3 1/2 months ago. Vape, just vape. No thc vape, and no black market cartridges.

    Have had 3 baaaad hyperventilating attacks, after mild physical activity. Never hyperventilated in my life before.

    So the weird thing is, vaped and smoked before and was fine. And now that i dont smoke, i got these issues.

    So no telling what exactly causes issues for some people, and none for others. But i guarantee, plain old vape, non thc, is definately making some of us sick.

  7. i use weed carts all the time and have no once had an issue and have had lung check ins and my lungs are perfectly healthy so there’s definitely something else shes doing but this seems more like a nicotine thing

  8. I do not smoke or vape, and smoking and vaping carry various health risks!

    If you do not smoke and vape, don’t ever start, but if you smoke and vape, please quit! Your health will thank you later!

  9. she got sick because she bought fake thc carts. dank vapes is literally a fake company , she coulda went on weedmaps or went to legal dispensaries and got real ones with real companies

  10. Guys don't listen to her you probably saw from people who say don't vape or this happens no she used to many drugs everyday she used more drugs than how much food you use a day

  11. Why on earth are they not defining the distinction between legal vape juice and black market vape juice with thc. Terrible journalism. This liar should be called out with her black market weed juice.

  12. Was this a illegally bought off the street thc cart with vitamin e acetate mmmmmmmm i am pretty sure it was that caused a serious problem with misinformed group of people…..yeah blame it on juul ok! Why blatantly not show the whole footage! Unbelievable tell the truth!!!!

  13. Jesus I hope this is nicotine and not THC. I could only image how psychotic someone would be mentally if they were smoking every 15 mins and on top of that hospitalized for lung damage, and I smoke a lot of weed.

  14. I didn't hear anyone establish a causal link between her illness and vaping. Correlation does not equal causation. If there were anything to this it would be wide spread

  15. This is utter GARBAGE. I thought YT was cracking down on MISINFORMATION and outright LIES. Everyone involved in producing this are propagandists and LIARS.

  16. I was vaping for 6 years and one day I was vaping, all of a sudden my heart rate shot up my lungs started to ache at the same time now I have quit for a week and getting back to normal again slowly.

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