1. @oompaville hey just wanting to let you know (and i know you are busy but….) there is a person by the name of spaghetti Sause whos has been using drugs and alcohol on your server who also had me blocked because she basicly bullied the fact of me being autistic and suicidal and basicly using that to her advantage to get clout cause shes high atm

  2. your so funny . and cute. Tammy loves the attention but prolly can't fight the battle because the enemy is a real monster. honestly . but hay. with doc. and things she could gonna half to get mad about it stand up and fight.

  3. I lived with a tracheotomy for 2 and a half years from 14 to 16, it was absolutely the worst experience of my life. Fortunately I was able to have it corrected but I still have a creepy looking scar across my throat

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