Taking away my sister鈥檚 vape 馃槹 (馃帴 Nate Myburgh) | #shorts

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路路 鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹 路 鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹 路路
鈹. 鈹. 鈹 鈹. 鈹. 鈹. 鈹 掳 鈹 鈹.掳
鈹. 鈹. 鈹 鈹. 鈹. 鈹. 掳 鈾 .
鈹. 鈹. 鈹 鈹. 鈹. 掳. 掳
鈹. 鈹. 鈹 鈹. 鉂
鈹. 鈹. 鈹 鉁解媶锝
鈹. 藲鈾 掳. [ 馃尫 ]
鈹. 鈹.
鈹. . * 藲
鈹. 掳
掳 .

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  1. Me:laughing when she was 鈥 pretending to be dead鈥
    when I realized
    Me: 鈥︹︹︹. But still laughing 馃槀

  2. For thoose who don't get it that's not a vape it's an inhaler and inhalers are for people with asthma which is troubled breathing

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