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Eezy Smeezy Vape Tricks

Why hello there. This is a video about Eezy Smeezy Vape Tricks. Which includes: The Dragon, The French Inhale, The Ghost Inhale, Cloud Chasing, and The Lovely O’s. I really hope that you enjoy this video! And again if you like this video go ahead and LIKE & SUBSCRIBE & Thanks for Watching! Instagram: @wickedlove67… Continue reading Eezy Smeezy Vape Tricks

How To Clean Your Vape Tank

Text “VeppoTube” to 38470 for your 15% off code! Learning how to clean your vape tank is important if you wish to prolong its usage time. Find more details: Properly cleaning your vape tank has these benefits: * Extends the life of your tank and coil *Refreshes the taste of e-liquid *Maintains proper coil/battery connections.… Continue reading How To Clean Your Vape Tank

Lost Vape | UB Lite | POD Kit | Recenze+Návod

0:00-0:31 Intro 0:31-1:21 Úvod 1:21-4:29 Představení zařízení 4:29-7:56 Obsluha zařízení 7:56-18:48 Hodnocení zařízení Chceš mě podpořit? Můžeš na Patreonu kde dávám navíc obsah,stream,vlogy atd.Máme i soukromej discord server kde jede pokec 24/7 Patreon: THIS VIDEO IS FOR EDUCATIONAL AND INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY! THERE ARE NO LINKS TO ANY CONTROLLED TOBACCO PRODUCTS CONTAINED ANYWHERE IN THIS… Continue reading Lost Vape | UB Lite | POD Kit | Recenze+Návod