[VAPE] 口から煙の球を出す技! “Ghost (ゴースト)”

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How We Turned Alcohol Into Vape

sorry guys this video is kinda short but we weren’t able to film some of the exciting stuff that we got this week and also were gunna be working with a team to help our podcast and etc, that’s just why we’ve been so busy but we wanna keep posting for y’all as long as… Continue reading How We Turned Alcohol Into Vape

Three men and a vape show #125 BENNY VAPES HANDS

#littlebrovapesreviews #vapemill #mrbvapeape Three men and a vape show #125 BENNY VAPES HANDS TO SUPPORT THE CHANNEL Three man and a vape show with all your news, reviews and the northern humour. come join us for the giggles that are three men and a vape show! Little bro vapes review: MR B Vapeape vapemill Music:

This Vape Makes You Lose Weight! | 10 Strange Health Products!

Spellbound+ ➡ REDDIT ➡ Today we are looking at some of our favorite products to test and make fun of, and that is strange health products that we found online! Today we take a look at what seems to be a vape that helps you lose weight, a hula hoop with a bowling pin attached… Continue reading This Vape Makes You Lose Weight! | 10 Strange Health Products!

Vape Shop Spotlight – TruVape in Las Vegas Nevada

Vape Capitol brings you to TruVape in Las Vegas, Nevada for this amazing spotlight! 4059 Spring Mountain Rd Las Vegas, NV 89102 (702) 463-3377 Cuttwood – SUBSCRIBE to ZampleBox – ncle Junk’s – Savage E-Liquid – 9 South Vapes – Music By Matt Casket www.soundcloud.com/djcasket

✅ TITAN PWM by SteamCrave – Am facut TRICKURI

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“I’m Addicted to Vaping!”

Vaping has become a popular alternative to smoking cigarettes, but is vaping safer or less addictive? First, Dr. Phil sits down with Carissa, who says she turned to vaping to quit her cigarette addiction and vapes “practically nonstop.” Carissa’s daughter, Alexa, says she’s concerned about her mother’s vaping, but claims Carissa doesn’t want to believe… Continue reading “I’m Addicted to Vaping!”