1. Making this Videos doesn't mean To Show him A Bad Person … Its Just A fun fact About him 💜 Keep supporting And Loving Tae Tae 💜 he Lost Many followers on Instagram After the Grammys Smoking Pics and Olivia's part of Their performance 🥺💜 Army we should support him and Love him 💜 pls Don't keep any hate in your hearts About him. He is still Our #V ✌🏻💜

  2. What more proof this person can give that Taehyung smokes. Still his fan in denial mode. Accept the fact. Then liking not liking is your choice.
    That is this video means.

  3. Regarding issue of Taehyung that he is smoking~

    It was edited and the person behind of the edited photo already admitted it.

    It's also stated Kim Taehyung is allergic to one ingredients of the cigerrete. Please, do not re – post the edited photo and stop spreading!

    Kim Taehyung doesn't vape : He has a health condition that makes his physical state already at a disadvantage (cholinergic urticaria, which is known for causing respiratory problems).

    There have been studies that show that people who have this condition can't smoke or they may endanger their health..

    I got to know about it from Twitter and YouTube~

  4. I just realized I'm a toxic army cuz I cannot really convince myself about this cuz I don't smoke.A person like me shouldn't be in this fandom.I am leaving this fandom.Good bye and good luck.

  5. V have a disease known as cholinergic urticaria and nicotine in tobacco smoke can act as an inhalant allergen and induce urticaria in persons.
    So it is really dangerous for him to smoke . And the fact is he recently recovered from covid so it really time for him to have a good care. BTS don't know when they are hurt or have any bad condition Armys feels like a body without soul 💔. Please take care of yourself BTS and Armys. 🥺💜

  6. U guys better watch this video till the end and read everything!! dont twist it!! idk why people made this little things up?? 😩😩😩 like…you never know someone smoke!? "but, hes idol!!" bullssht!! is idol not human then???😩😩

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