Super Dainty Ursa MINI by Lost Vape

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★ Rating: Medium

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  1. I have always like it when companies name a product after an animal, but I have to say that I have never seen a "Dainty Bear" (Ursa is Latin for Bear).
    Cool little device for a starter kit and those that like low power devices.

  2. i bought the ursa quest on your recommendation & i love that device& i’ll be getting this too.

  3. Great video @Jai Haze. Jai I need to ask you something important about the inception & deception mod. Is it possible to send you an email ?? Are what about a DM, on Messenger ?? Thanks Jai you bring a smile to face in 99.9 percent of what you post. We are being bombarded daily with the Corronas. To listen to you man you gotta gift

  4. Thanks for the URSA MINI POD KIT review! Hope users who fancy compact pod system and salt nic enjoy the adorable mini one!!

    Main features of the URSA MINI:
    -Well made and superb design
    -Vibrant choices available
    -Tiny, lightweight, elegant
    -Fully adjustable airflow control
    -Max 30W output
    -Built-in 1200mAh battery
    -Type-C fast charging
    -Ultrasensitive magnet connection
    -UB Lite coils compatible
    -Smart coil detection

  5. Definitely cute, love the Color Options! Would be good for a Smoker looking to convert to Vaping. Good Review. 💜🌬️💨💨

  6. Damn 4 plus thousand views under 10 hours!! Bro you speak the truth and have strong followers!! As always thanks for being REAL !!

  7. I bought the Ursa due to your review when I was stocking up before the stupid PACT act. Don't regret it at all, amazing device!!

  8. Hey, everyone reading comments, how's about becoming a somebody and hitting that join button, and hey go ahead and become a patron of jai haze, he's more then worth it, also chill with us on

  9. Hope they sent you the Hyperion DNA 100c I am really interested in hearing what you have to say about it. I pre-ordered it on a whim and it will be my first DNA device.

  10. That thing looks cute as shit and would probably be best for mtl. I’m guessing the rba for original Ursa doesn’t fit?

  11. Shame it looks good, it looks a simular size to my drag s. It really should have been 50 or 60watts imho.

  12. Another great review from the Best! It’s super cute, however, I hate the lipo battery. Thanks Jai! 😉🕊

  13. Great review Jai I would have to go with the bigger version simply for the battery, but I feel like i may buy this for my Moms to get her off the sticks that smell like shit and kill you.

  14. Think thats the same coil the Original Ursa came with too, it had 2 tanks one for UB pro coils and the UB lite coils, think thats why the tank has those lips that come out at the bottom to they could fit the old coils in a small tank

  15. 😎 Cute but the pod is still too dark. If it has a built-in battery and does not have pass-through charging then that's a deal breaker for me. Have you seen the new solid state batteries ?? yes I said it 1st, are they going to be the next big thing ? Time will tell

  16. same coil with the ub light but i'll still get that mini for the purpose of my lost vape collection 😁

  17. To bad the coils for these suck. I bought three packs of each offered and haven't had one last longer than two days. (The original)

  18. Hey jai, I've seen you read my comments so I hope you recognize that I dont talk about your cloths like some people who always make fun of your graphic tees lol, but that one is fire, raw, cool, straight, whatever phraseology you want, I want one but only for Walmart prices… so nevermind I guess, nice shirt.

  19. Should be 40W at least. Smok are releasing a little pod around same size as Nord 2 with 50W

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