Students Are Hiding Vaping Devices In Plain Sight | TODAY

Several products are now on the market that make it easy for kids to disguise and hide e-cigarettes as everyday objects such as pens, smartwatches and more. NBC’s Vicky Nguyen puts parents and teachers to the test to see if they can find the hidden vaping devices.
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Students Are Hiding Vaping Devices In Plain Sight | TODAY


  1. It looks bad. They shouldnt be vaping in school it's really none of your business if its off of school grounds. And the disguised vapes should be illegal

  2. 'teachers wouldnt be able to know'
    yeah because everyone would ignore any mist in the classroom, as well as the smell of fruit, mint and cheesecake.

  3. You need to be more invasive into your kids space……..

    Go play hide and go * yourself
    How about you raise your kids with knowlege, critical thinking and trust that you taught them correctly. Kids are going to find a way to do dumb things if they aren't taught to think for themselves and handle themselves appropriately. If they are raised to….. you should be able to trust that they won't do the dumb things…..

    Also most of those devices are $80+….. if my kids spending $80 on something I either know about it or bought it for them

  4. Well im pretty sure it isnt the schools problem but where are the vids about smoking at school? I did all the way threw highschool and was never caught

  5. “She’s outfitted with vaping devices” ma’am with as much as the Freshman hit juuls when I graduated, I’m surprised she hasn’t become an atomizer

  6. kids : i will just put the vape in my pockets

    no one : vape backpack vape hoodie vape pen vape smart watch vape markers

  7. Media trying to demonize vaping when across the pond, it’s a savior for smokers who want to quit. I agree, it’s not for kids but would they rather have these kids smoke real cigarette than a less harmful one? Smoking is as old as mankind itself, it will never go away. The least we can do is regulate it and encourage the switch to a lot safer alternative.

  8. All E-cigarettes and vaping devices are made in communist china. Thank you to our politicians and big corporations for destroying our children and the same time make China rich snd powerful.

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