1. I miss it when they used to upload daily, doesn't feel the same now, but i still watch a few vids, Ryan if ur reading this please bring back the OG days, or just every 2 or 3 days . Anyway love the content Bullz

  2. You guys should review the caffeine liquid that ZAP! Ejuice did, I know it's a UK brand and it's not as new as it used too be, but not many people know about it and it helps people out alot, especially since it's 0 nicotine

  3. What the hell happened to this channel? The name changed? videos are missing/gone and the views have dived? What the hell happened? Explanation video link???

  4. can u guys help me i just got my nord out the box and the light turns on when its on charge but nothing when off charge?

  5. Wait.. Did the company spell thinner wrong? Also do they have ceramic pods for these? Looking to put thick distillate in them.

  6. Question for you guys why is your website still down still I would love to buy from y’all and I have enough money saved we’re I can buy and enjoy vaping again with out the tools and everything I need my mods will just keep getting dust and nasty shit on the please let me know when it’s back up

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