Select CBD – Vape Disposable Pen

Select CBD – Vape Disposable Pen
In this installment, we will be unboxing and reviewing the new Select | CBD disposable vape pens.

Select CBD – Pen Focus Peppermint 250mg

Select CBD – Pen Focus Spearmint 250mg

Select CBD – Pen Relax Cinnamon 250mg

Select CBD – Pen Relax Lavender 250mg

Select CBD – Pen Revive Grapefruit 250mg

Select CBD – Pen Revive Lemon 250mg

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  1. Hey there, thanks for the video I really liked the select CBD pens but I bought into recently the only lasted about 20 pops and they start blinking, the manufacture date is over 2 years ago, do you know how long they are good for?

  2. Are these full-spectrum broad spectrum or isolate? Is there any PG or VG? so far the only pen I am able to use that does not cause me to have panic attacks or rapid heartbeat is cbdistillery.. I have tried West coast cure BD and I have tried OC pharm they gave me panic attacks.. I have a cbdfx terpene pen.. didn't seem to bother me but I'm giving it away because it has PG and VG and that's bad for the lungs.. I have not tried select yet..

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