Select CBD – Vape Disposable Pen

Select CBD – Vape Disposable Pen
In this installment, we will be unboxing and reviewing the new Select | CBD disposable vape pens.

Select CBD – Pen Focus Peppermint 250mg

Select CBD – Pen Focus Spearmint 250mg

Select CBD – Pen Relax Cinnamon 250mg

Select CBD – Pen Relax Lavender 250mg

Select CBD – Pen Revive Grapefruit 250mg

Select CBD – Pen Revive Lemon 250mg

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  1. Hey there, thanks for the video I really liked the select CBD pens but I bought into recently the only lasted about 20 pops and they start blinking, the manufacture date is over 2 years ago, do you know how long they are good for?

  2. If you want to help yourself, just google Weedborn. I know you will find good solutions for all your discomforts there.

  3. To me weed is weed and I don't like it. You guys can do whatever with it but I will never like the taste

  4. Are these full-spectrum broad spectrum or isolate? Is there any PG or VG? so far the only pen I am able to use that does not cause me to have panic attacks or rapid heartbeat is cbdistillery.. I have tried West coast cure BD and I have tried OC pharm they gave me panic attacks.. I have a cbdfx terpene pen.. didn't seem to bother me but I'm giving it away because it has PG and VG and that's bad for the lungs.. I have not tried select yet..

  5. Thanks for all the info! I'm going to buy one today to see if it helps with the arthritis in my back. This video helped a ton!

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