Prop Cigarettes vs Vaping: why they use these in movies & TV shows #Shorts #FilmProps

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Yes, they can be used to quit smoking!
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Honeyrose is my go-to when looking for these types of film props!

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    This is in the description of the cigarettes
    “All our products are Tobacco and Nicotine FREE and made in England. Honeyrose Herbal cigarettes still contain tar and carbon monoxide, but they contain less amount of tar than majority of real cigarettes. Must be 21 or older to purchase.”
    It says that “they contain less amount of tar than the majority of real cigarettes” these are literally somewhat worse than some real cigarette brands and you get money for every time someone purchases through your link it’s scummy man

  2. Oh this is fine to smoke.. but vaping isn't.. at this point i feel that people just want us to waste money.. and will do anything for that to happen.. even try to miss lead ones health

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