1. How can I order your ejuice? The website still says you guys are working things out but it’s been a while. I need to get my hands on that Bodacious. If possible please let me know how I can get some 80s ejuice. Thank you.

  2. I’ve just started vaping again so I can quit smoking!!! But I came back to y’all’s YouTube channel and website what’s up with all the changes?

  3. I remember watching Ryan hall a few years ago(like two), I came back, and everything is gone because of the FDA.

  4. Anyone have the suorin air pro? I know it’s a bit old now but I tried it the other day from a friend and liked the flavor, just heard some leaking issues with it and wondering if it’s worth getting it seems like a lot of pod storage for the device

  5. Voopoo is good for making good durable vapes my drag3 fell off an compactor and survived 6ft not a geekvape tho so i got take holding the battery slot

  6. YO, Why wouldn’t you put your website link to your online shop in the description? Sold it to me and left me hanging🤷🏽

  7. Looking good. Will tell my sales guy to grab a sample for me.. So convenient to work for a vape business 😎 Greetings from Switzerland..

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