My First Time Vaping With Friends!

Sounds like a meme, moms who vape but I had THE best time with my best babes! This product DOES NOT contain the popcorn lung causing chemical. That was a concern of ours and I’m happy that I got the opportunity to try out some 0 Nic and other e-juices and vapes knowing that. So I invited my friends over and we did it together! I’ve vaped essential oils before as some of my other friends have and I wanted to see what all they hype was about. Today I’m sharing with you what we thought we knew, how they tasted, how they work, and all the fun we had while doing it! Please enter to win one of these THREE mods from Mt Baker Vapor and you get to choose whatever e juice you’d like and they’ll send them to you! Just LIKE this video, leave me a comment, and I’ll pick 3 of you. And this is a big one, but they DO NOT use the popcorn lung chemical in any of their products so if that’s a concern of yours like it was for us, have no fear baby!

♥ Head over to the site here: and use the code ICHOOSEFLAVOR for 50% off your first purchase of Mt Baker Vapor juice! Have fun, be responsible, I love thee, and thank you for watching!!! xoxoxo- Jess

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  1. Yuppp! I felt like a meme vaping with my friends but honestly we had so much fun chatting it up, trying different flavors, and talking about what we thought we knew about vaping! Thank you for watching and also- no they do NOT use the popcorn lung chemical so yay! Enter my giveaway and happy holidays babies xoxoxo- Jess

  2. It is a terrible habit and more kids are vaping, becoming addicted to nicotine. You are inhaling micro particles of lead and metals … its not cool , its silly

  3. All of them ten years later when they vape each day: my doctor said I’m gonna die in less than a year because i vaped!

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