Marker vape || tutorial || How to make a marker vape

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This how to make vape at home

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*The material
_1vape battery (3400mAh 3.7V)
-1 switch
-some wire
-1 marker
_some cotton
– 1 coil
-vape juice

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  1. This is a overcomplicated build tbh but it does a good job of being compact and non rechargeable wpuld have invested a vit more time making a nicer coil though for all the effort you spent everywhere else

  2. I respect the DIY aspect. It's a neat idea. But melting plastic and not being able to recharge the battery kind of kill the mood. All you really need is a bit of that juice to pool on the positive side of the battery to bridge the gap with the negative outside ring to make this go boom. Be super careful if you decide to build this- it is quite dangerous. FFS don't solder anything to lithium ion batteries. This video should have a LOT of warnings. Still really fun to watch be made.

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