Lost Vape Centaurus Quest BF Kit – Lost Vape head back to squonks

The Lost Vape Centaurus Quest BF Kit marks a return to the squonk side of things for Lost Vape as they bring the Centaurus line into the realm of the single battery squonkers.


Lost Vape Centaurus Quest BF Kit – CHAPTERS

00:00 – Intro and specs
04:00 – Close up
18:00 – Temp Control & Wattage Vape
19:00 – Thoughts


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  1. Is it a decent quality like geek vapes or is this a flimsy price if plastic crap no good for daily use and likely to break in a month , thanks in advance

  2. Brother, I have been gone for a while, but you haven't missed a step. You are the Best! I'm on Rumble now. You know us Americans, free speech is a must. Hope to see you there. I bought this Mod and I cannot wait to use it in tandem with the Pulse 2. Rock on!

  3. If I were to order a Squonk I would order this mod. I just can’t seem to part from dripping and the ease of switching flavors.

  4. Thank you so much for such a great and detailed review!!

    Main Features of Centaurus Quest BF Box Mod:

    -Switch easily between Mod & Squonk

    -2 in 1 Squonk & Storage

    -Leak-proof Squonk Design

    -9.5ML Super Eliquid Capacity

    -Max 100W Output

    -Single 21700/18650 Battery

    -Type-C Fast Charging

    -Exclusive Quest 2.0 Chip

    Main Features of Centaurus Solo RDA:

    -Lost Vape First RDA

    -Dual Airflow Channel

    -Inspiring Heating Time

  5. come on vic.. sort those brain cells out and tell us what the other squonk mod is.. having had 3 topside duals die on me im having to wait for something new in thesquonk market thts going to give me capacity and long battery life and though this looks nice its still a single batt squonk .. wheres a new dual battery one from lost vape, thats what we want.

  6. I’ve been looking forward for this squonk kit to come to the states and i found them today needless to say i bought a couple of them. I did order one from HealthCabin but who knows how long it will take to get that one. I’m a avid squonker and it’s always nice to see new and improved squonk mods and rda’s coming out. Thanks for the review Vic and happy holidays to you and yours.

  7. Sexiest mod of the year, most innovative mod of the year, must have, probably in 2 different colours. Great review as always Vic.
    I'm just hoping they make different battery covers available seperately.

  8. Already ordered mine. Its about time more squonkers came out. I'd just broken my 2nd topside dual which gave a great vape but the door sucked and juice get into thr internals. Can't beat a squonk vape.

  9. I like the look of this Vic, not sure if I can get past the Lost Vape nightmare that I had with the Therion though. Bought as soon as it came out, went through 2 new boards under warranty and it went again. A real problem with juice getting through to the board. Not sure if it was a design problem or if I just had a Monday morning mod. The thing spent more time being repaired than it did being squonked. I now have a very expensive paperweight

  10. nice to see sqonks coming back still waiting for something to rival the topside dual this is not quite it but they are getting closer

  11. I’m definitely into side by sides, yet, if this makes any sense, I am still waiting for one that ticks every box I am after. Not many mech ones, even fewer that would cater to something other than mtl, while still being mechanical. So my concern is that they will continue to release the same crappy version of them until the trend suddenly vanishes again rather than more interesting companies trying their hand at them. I would love, for example, to see a company like Purge to create a side by side, I’m just saying that as an example.

  12. im sorry but for the best part of three years we have ben waiting for, and all the industry wants to release is rehash's of previous products! And they wonder why the vape scene is going BYE BYE! its because we have already seen it! SHOW US SOMETHING NEWWWWW!

  13. Ive moved on to strictly boro mods and high end RTAs.. BUT, I do like this.. I think its a solid looking product.. Great option for those into squonking still or looking to get their first.. Dunno if it could dethrone a Topside.. But it's definitely attractive

  14. I'm very happy that squonking is becoming popular again. I like this mod a lot, but wish I could buy it without the RDA because I'm strictly a MTL vaper. Still using and loving the Vapefly Galaxies RDTA.

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