Join a community of nearly 400,000 when you quit vaping with This is Quitting

When Mady noticed that vaping nicotine was making her anxiety symptoms worse, she reached out to a message board to see if others were dealing with this same thing. Turns out, she wasn’t alone. When you quit vaping with This is Quitting, you’ll not only recieve helpful text messages with tips and advice for quitting, but you’ll join a community of nearly 400,000 quitters, too. Text DITCHVAPE to 88709 to get started.


  1. I’m ten you think I can get my hands on that? Your ads are dumb and useless they make me want to try it when I could just be watching a different ad which I would be fine with depends on what it is and you caused my brother to vape and guess what ITS NOT ADDICTIVE HE QUIT UNDER A DAY CAUSE it tastes bad and I found a person who vapes a lot and drop all them down a toilet and he QUIT cause he didn’t want to buy more the toilet one is from an ad that was 23 seconds long unskip-able ad an I almost broke my iPad out a anger because this is 86 truth ad I got same with depression stick

  2. Tell Mandy Abby whatever her name is I really don’t care 🤷‍♂️ she ain’t pushin 🅿️ AND I now have depression because of ALL the truth orphan ads (orange*)

  3. I cant wait for you guys to be a joke of days gone by. Just like D.A.R.E.
    I will vape and smoke marijuana whenever i please. I know the risks with smoking and vaping. And guess what? I do whatever the hell i please because i do NOT care.
    And the joke is? I dont smoke or vape…..yet. and i havent smoked pot since highschool because i do not yet have the card i need to get marijuana but i wont let you stop me.

  4. how do you get addicted like actually? i can just put it down whenever and never hit it again like i stopped 2 months ago after vaping for 2 months and haven’t had to do it since

  5. Ok, vaping does not cause anxiety or Schizophrenia as this seems to try to push. Those issues are genetic. Nice try Not The Truth…. Lies. Seriously people, get a clue.

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