Hyde Slim-S Banana Ice Disposable – Vape Review

reviewing and smoking the hyde slim-s banana ice disposable vape. overall, not a bad device in my opinion, but certainly not the best. can’t really complain though, as it was only four dollars. definitely worth my money, and for how much it cost, which as said, was only four dollars, is very cheap for a nicotine device. the hyde slim-s banana ice disposable vape, overall not bad.

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  1. Loving your videos dude, keep it up, you're going places. If you can, you should try Canadian classics originals, would love to see your opinion on them. Greetings from Canada 🙂

  2. Appreciate that even if you use yourself you don't condone it, shows some responsibility and I respect that, good videos too enjoy the content and just listening to you talk

  3. Try thc disposable , although smoke when u find the best time for u and smoke as much as u want , everybody has their limit but review cannabis product,it will make u big on yt

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