How Vaping vs Smoking Dry Herb Affects Your Lungs – You Must See This!

Disclaimer: The experiment shown in this video is intended for informational and educational purposes only. Regardless of the identical experimental conditions for both specimens, the results are not being published in a scientific journal and are not being peer reviewed. For scientific data, please consult peer-reviewed scientific journals.

The video shows an experiment with legal materials. If you suffer from a condition, consult a medical professional. Depending on the jurisdiction, a prescription may be required.

Here at TVAPE we LOVE experiments. We wanted to see if we could create a visual representation of the effects of vaping vs smoking on your lungs when using dry herbs.

We have presented our results for you to make your own conclusion and decisions on the effects of vapor vs smoke when consuming dry herbs.

Here’s what happened to our synthetic lung after vaping 10 grams of dry herb VS smoking 10 grams of dry herb.

Each pod had around 0.30 grams of dry herb, there are 38 pods used in total. For the purpose of this experiment, a 3rd generation dry herb vaporizer was used for efficiency (

Each pre-roll had 0.60 grams of dry herb, there are 17 pre-rolls in total.

Shots were sped up to be able to see the visual change in color. The total time for the experiment was around 3.5 hours. Both the vapor and smoke were expelled from the exhale hose.

The end results give you a visual representation of how vapor vs smoke could potentially affect your lungs. When it comes to vaping vs smoking it is up to you to decide ultimately which you prefer, but we think this experiment will help you make a more conscious decision.


  1. I’d love to see a comparison between vapes too eventually. Specifically THC cartridges vs something that’s medical grade like a Volcano. Thanks for this video!

  2. Anybody watching this and thinking about buying a vape, do it! They are amazing. Way stronger, you use way less and cleaner on the lungs. Best feature is you can control the temperature.

  3. Very informative video, I didn't realize how much gunk I was putting into my lungs with combustion. Dry Herb taste great and easier on the lungs. So glad I made the switch to dry herb!

  4. I would love to see more experiments done with dry herb vapes because I recently switched and after 2 months of usage I can notice a significant difference in lung health

  5. Ok so i as person who has press from the rosin tech brand, i think this is a good video. Videos like these are very helpful. And I know some have mentioned waterpipes, and whether or not a waterpipe would have a similar result as this shown here. But i ponder the thought of.
    Once an average base expectancy for the waterpipe's filtering capability is set or even a comparison against dry raw flower like in this video. How does flower rosin from a press do? Meaning does it have less than the raw flower and or how much less. And keep in my all who read this that there are many factors that can have an effect on the process. Such as the strain, the % of thc count and other cannabanoids and others things like the quality meaning plant matter if one has that to contend with that at all…….
    To that i say keep searching for knowledge fellow earth dwellers….and i do pressings at times live and yes you can get 0.7 out of 1.9 grams of raw dry flower…. Cause i have done it. Stay bodacious all.😎🤙

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