How To Vape PROPERLY For The First Time | Breathe in! How to use a vape pen EVEN How to Inhale!

How to vape for the first time by using a vape kit properly. Inhale/Exhale Tips. This beginner’s guide on how to use a vape pen and how to inhale will show you how to vape properly.

Importantly, it’s super easy when you know-how. This video forms part of our series of beginner’s electronic cigarette guides and will help you in knowing what to do.

Vaping isn’t hard, but it can be confusing when you are new to the world of e-cigs. We hope our short video tutorial, will make understanding how to inhale, what to do, and how to use a vape pen that bit less foggy.

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  1. Can you make video how to vape for someone who never smoke? I wanna try vaping of course with nicotine-free juice

  2. thanks for the tutorial. I always wanted to be high and a crackhead but there was not weed inhaling technique video but your video came handy quiet literally. So thank you.

  3. Every time I inhale it it stings my throat and doubles me over in a coughing fit. Am I doing it wrong or do I just need to get used to it?

  4. Thanks for this I was doing it wrong and getting cotton hits which tastes like ass and made me bark like a dog lol

  5. Lol is it supposed to feel so hot when you’re inhaling? burns my lip 😂 am I doing something wrong or am I just not used to it yet?

  6. Tried vaping (never smoked before)
    Get a burning sensation in my throat that leads to a cough and a temporary sore throat, is there a reason why?

  7. should you inhale a lot in your lungs doing MTL? or just a bit and let the rest out. let me know please

  8. 1:58 ugh I know I took a dry hit the first day I got my vape cause I was using it a lot and I was in class (my first few days I vaped in class but I got wise and don't anymore) and I was trying to hard to hide it. my friends were laughing their asses off cause I was trying so hard not to make a face or cough

  9. So I’m new😂 so once I put my lips on it and take a hit I don’t just let it out I take the hit and then like inhale fast then let it out?

  10. Can you please advise me on what is the tastiest juice to buy for my novo 2kit? Thank you ☺️

  11. Bro people like you are genuinely hero’s, I got mine and tried to smoke it like weed o-o” big difference lol

  12. dude, i can't take it anymore. i just wasted 4 bucks and i don't get the hype that the world is having. am i doing something wrong

  13. Why are most vape machines detective. I have around 10 of them. All broken after about 4months. Is this normal? Bought another after giving up, it's over heating fresh from the box. They all seem like a sick joke🤔.

  14. Hi I’m new to vaping and I have a question, how come my vape makes me cough when I use it? I’m using a myle mini if that matters.

  15. Just switched from a sub ohm vape mod to MTL vape and I wasn't sure if I was using it properly. This was very helpful. Cheers, mate!

  16. I've been using a sub ohm vape for about a year now and just realized I was hitting it worng I've been hitting the button then inhaling and getting alot of burnt cotton hits. I realized yesterday I need to start my inhale then hit the button this allows it to suck juice into the cotton before it vaporizes it therefore eliminating those dry/burnt cotton hits.

  17. I don't own my own vape, nor do I want to. However I do hit my friends when they offer and I want to learn how to do it properly around them,, I didn't know inhaling was so complex till I tried it

  18. What about the Ibiza club vape pod kit? It doesnt state anywhere what kind it is and although it looks more like the smaller mtl kit you used, it makes the same noise as your sub-ohm kit, I’m not really sure how to use it, could you please advise?

  19. When anyone smoke it and smoke come in the month do We have to swallow it or just blow it out without swallow it anything?

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