How to Triple Exhale | Vape Tricks 💨 |

AT LAST! A triple exhale tutorial! What do you guys call it?


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  1. Can you still do this tricks with 70/30 vg to pg 3mg of nic and could another reason why I’m not doing it right because I have too small of a mouth or lips

  2. Idk if it’s just because I’m vapin in my car in my garage where it’s cold or if it’s not possible with a smaller device

  3. I gotta say you teach man to fish. You don't only teach us to mimick the trick but how and why it works, letting us truly master the technique and turn it into an art. Absolutely amazing content Thank you.

  4. Instructions unclear I accidentally blew a quadro exhale haha. Pure luck. Great tutorial though I'm slowly getting it down.

  5. Yo bro, thanks for this video, after a few attempts of positioning my mouth into the right way I was able to do it in only 5 ish minutes 🙂

  6. Bro I'm black I got them big ass cup challenge lips I can't get this shit to work😭😭

  7. This was a very simple explanation that was really easy to understand and follow. I left a like. Thank you <3

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