How to Set Up an eGo Style Vape Pen (REBOOT 2017)

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  1. Ive got a suggestion for you guys, every so often would it be possible for you guys to post a Vape Advocacy video, this is really a serious issue that dooms us all and it would be really nice if we can get the entire vape community on the same page to #STOPTHEVAPEBAN. The more we can spread the word that the FDA is going to kill this industry and force everyone back on cigarettes the better support we can get from those who have no idea this is even happening. Weve seemingly lost rounds 1&2 but we still have a chance. Thank you.

  2. hi,Alex,thanks for this video! I just bought the~variable voltage battery that you show, with the notch on it. Can you,please, explain what the difference is, between the numbers I can choose? I'm not sure what the purpose/results are~ of the voltage I choose?

  3. If i get a joyetech aio extra coils and 60ml bottle of juice will it come in a box to my front door or will it come in like a little bag to the mailbox i want it to come to the mailbox

  4. I suggest using a 0.5 amp charge vs a 1 amp or 2 amp charge adaptor for safety reasons. With a quality eGo battery it will probably not make a difference but why take a chance. Buy two setups and always carry a spare battery/tank so if one dies or breaks you have a backup. You don't want to have to resort to buying stinkies to make it through to replacing/recharging. VAPE ON!

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