How to Properly Charge Your 510 Thread Vape Battery

Extend the life of your vape pen battery with these quick tips!

It’s not as straight forward as you might think. A couple things can go wrong when charging your vape battery and we want to make sure you don’t needlessly damage your 510 thread battery.

The instructions are simple.

1. Never use a fast charger or tablet charger for your vape pen battery. Most batteries require a 5V charger (block style) and using the wrong charger can simply fry your battery.

2. Plug your charger into your laptop or recommended charger, you will notice the red light turn on. This means is ready to attach via the 510 thread.

3. Slowly screw your battery into the 510 charger until you see the color change to green. At that point gently turn another 1/8 of a turn. The battery should not be tight on the charger but firm.

4. Once it is fully charged (2-3 hours) remove the battery and gently attach your vape pen cartridge.

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  1. The fast charger thing is bs the all the usb chargers default at 5volts. The amp/wattage ratting is a maximum the charger can provide. The device you connect will pull what it needs; the ac adapter only acts as a 5volt source. That's like saying you can only fill a bucket in a pond or well. If you fill it in a lake or ocean, it will push too much water in the bucket and damage it.

  2. I still don't know what I'm doing wrong. I have a brand new Lume pen. When I plug it in the charger, the light on the charger is green and the light on the end of the battery flashes yellow. I assume when the yellow light goes out it's fully charged, but I can't get a single hit out of it.

    I wish these things came with an instruction manual, because there really are stupid people like me that can't even figure out how to charge a damn battery.

  3. Well I'm old school as it gets. So yeah I'm new to this vape 2.0 stuff, and the video does explain why I probably melted the damn thing ,and had to purchase a new one, and really didn't want to bother with it anymore but seeing that I have mad cartridges to kill ,then you see my point. Anyway you didn't get to the point on how long or when you know when you are as you said " ready to go". But when? More details please.

  4. Thanks mane this helped me out a lot. I went all day without vaping thinking my battery was messed up. Now ik I just have to charge these things a certain way for the battery to properly work

  5. So yeah very informative! I've been using high speed charger, basically doing everything wrong lol. Hope this is the fix I needed! "Defunct" pen now charging off my desktop. Thank you!

  6. Charged it with an apple 5v for a few hours, but not entirely sure how to get it to turn on. Tried tapping the button twice to do the pre-heat and even just held it and tried to pull, but no luck. Any help?

  7. oh man thank you so much. when my brother died a few days ago i was not able to ask him about how his weed gadgets worked. so i have been asking around me and no one really knows about how to fix these things. guess we old school when it comes to smoking the ganj. anyways i wanted to say thank you for helping me with this video. i really appreciate it. keep on keeping on!! 🙂

  8. Thank you Logan. You just saved me from throwing my 510 charger in the trash. I used a dental probe hook to gently hook the metal disk and pull it ever-so-slightly up from the base, and am now able to recharge again.

    I finally concluded it had to be the charger when none of my batteries would charge. And I threw one battery away a while back. Now I'm thinking I threw away a perfectly good battery.

    Anyway, moving forward…

  9. Other things you should know about the dab pens.
    If it uses the 510 thread to charge make sure the current of the usb charger is less than 1 amp, 0.5amps to be safe.

  10. ohhhh yeah i just figured it out….lol i hit the pre-heat two tap cycle and then allow that to progress a bit and about 1/2 way threw the preheat process i hold the button down and hit it til i am done and i have gotten some cannon hits! LOL awesome! Now i just gota figure out where to get more cartridges?LOL Someone owed me a few bucks and gave me this cartridge in payment. IDK how im gonna get more? hehe

  11. Hey guys i keep trying but just see to not be able to get a good hit off the thing? I can draw steady threw two cycles of the preheat and hit and still barely get a hit. I just snug up the vape to the cartridge and charged it as you so suggested in this video. So what am i doing wrong? I have it set on the highest voltage setting for heat. Is there another feature to this that can turn up the heat that makes it to the oil?

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