How To Fix Spitback | Vape Tutorial Why Your Tank Spits

How to fix spit-back on your vape. There’s a number of key reasons as to why your ecig will spit at you or into your mouth when vaping. Fortunately there are relatively easy to fix and prevent from happening.

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  1. You don’t have to replace it if it gets damped too much take out the coil and use a paper towel to dry off outside use a tool small tool or rolled paper towel to dry inside a little be gentle then put ur coil back in and juice and then if it still spits flash ur vape and the the extra juice will come out

  2. What's the good wattage to use? Help please in new to this and my z50 is overflowing n soitback. Everyone tells me a different wattage. Sorry for noob question ❓

  3. Summary of this video
    Solution 1: Replace Coil
    Solution 2: Replace Coil
    Solution 3: Replace Coil, Install it correctly
    Solution 4: When using a new coil, start with low wattage and work up
    Solution 5: Buy good juice
    Solution 6: Leave a new coil to soak for 15 mins

  4. Hi I’m new to vaping and I have the Rigel mini and I replace the coils regularly but i always get liquid in my mouth it’s not hot or burns. Is it because of my juice I use blue raspberry and it’s really sweet

  5. Today i bought a new juice so i decided to put a new coil to start fresh, and god the nightmare it didn’t stop spitting back, i already hated the new juice because of that, i tried to clean my tank again and try to fix it maybe i didn’t install it well but still the same! so sad 😭

  6. I'm a squonk and RDA/RDTA myself , I build my own coils , wick them myself and I've learned that the best way to prevent
    " spit back " is when you have your mod in your mouth and you're pressing the fire button , blow down the chimney aka 510 or 810 drip tip for ½ a second and then suck back/ inhale the vape and you'll never get
    " spit back " PERIOD !
    Try it , I guarantee that you'll never get spit back ever again ,

    But…. there's always a " but "

    As you're pulling your atomizer away from your mouth it can spit out onto your lips , mostly your top lip , and it can be 😬😬 a bit sore , I've had loads of people saying as they're pulling their atomizer away from their mouth, a few splashes of hot e juice hits them on their top lip ,

    To prevent that , just simply repeat the very first process , but this time do it a lot quicker,

    Another tip is to always make sure that you've released the fire button for at least 1.5 seconds before you pull your atomizer away from your mouth but keep inhaling all the vape clouds out of the chimney till there is basically no vape left in the chimney or the 510/810 drip tip,

    A lot of people have a habit of releasing their finger off the fire button just after they've took their atomizer away from their lips ,
    The juice is basically still cooking / hot 🔥 on your coils ,
    I think that habit comes from when we all at one point smoked cigarettes 🚬 ,
    We would be taking a puff on the cigarette even as we were pulling it away from our mouths

  7. Is there a threshold for how much a vape should be fired in order to prevent coil flooding?
    Does firing a vape without pulling on it, as some commenters suggested, risk damaging the vape?

  8. I got the aegis boost, I use it on correct wattage but no matter what I get juice on the roof on my mouth 😬😓 36 mg 50/50 ratio any recommendations my man ?

  9. Bought the offical liquid from the shop and put it inside my aramax from the start it started spitting then i changed to the unused coil and it still spits can it be the thicknes of my liwuid that couses this? Or does it supposto leave the taste in the mouth

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