How to Avoid Burnt Vape Coils – Top 5 Tips – Jay Explains

Episode 4 of Jay Explains – How to avoid burning your vape coils – where you’re using pods or tanks, Jay gives 5 tips on how to avoid that dry hit or burning your coil

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*Must be of legal smoking age
*WARNING: This product is intended to be used with e-liquid products containing nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


  1. Thanks for the tips! These coils are extremely dense which I've burnt through alot of them quickly on the v3. Hated that tank. Now I'm trying the Valy 2 pro ,let the coil soak overnight when I slept and gave it a few,spread out closed air pulls , and that actually helped alot.

  2. Type of e liquid definitely matters I burnt my coil after using the strawberry watermelon juice too often and if you get a hash hit its definitely your coil burning it's not the nicotine

  3. NORD 2… "Which Coil"??? Just recently switched to the new NORD 2 after using iCare Mini's for a Looooong time. I do like the NORD 2, without question, a far BETTER system than the iCare products I've been using in the past. However, I have no clue as to the best "Coil" I should be using as far as "Longevity" is concerned… and I am right "now", for the present, interested in the coils that CAME with the unit… the NORD 2 coil and the RPM coil. I do understand that One of the coils is a "Mesh" coil and that the Other is a "Ceramic" coil. I'm utilizing only 6 watts as my setting… "Which Coil Will Give Me LONGER "Longevity" with the 6 ohm setting?". Your help would be greatly appreciated! BTW, as far as "Draw" on the included "Coils", I like them both, so that in itself is not a consideration…
    Bj ~ Palestine, Texas

  4. Jay, I bought a Sigelei Humvee 80, I'm new vaper, I know about pre damping the coil on the areas where there's holes, but a 1 x Fog Coil Spare (0.2 Ohm). How do you pre damp these? It just has one see through point , and around the sides it's metal but you can see as if they open but don't ???

  5. I do all of these things and my vape coils are only lasting 1-2days where it use to last at least 1 1/2wks to 2wks. I have been vaping for 5yrs and this is getting nuts. I have gone through 5 coils in a little over a wk.

  6. My coils (falcon king m2) last me about 6 weeks by just carefully poking holes from the inside out through the juice holes with a needle and pliers. Be gentle and precise, this allows more saturation and keeps my coils going strong for weeks. I vape about 100ml per week.

  7. When I prep my coils I always purify them with Paulo Santo soak them in holy water and a different crystal for each chakra then I put them in the freezer before putting them into a brick oven with kosher salt and spring water from Antarctica and to finish the ritual I take them in my right hand say 47 Hail Maries while touching my nose with my left hand and spinning in counterclockwise circles with Stairway to heaven and Wizard of Oz synced up and Pink Floyd's The Wall playing backwards and I am good to go, this is necessary or the demons get into my teeth and beam my thoughts back to the CIA when I vape. So, is this similar to your method?

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