How Did Vaping Ruin TimTheTatman's Pro CS:GO Career?

It doesn’t seem to matter which corner of the streaming world you came up in, whether you’re into esports, addicted to Among Us or entranced by ASMR, you can’t not have a special place in your heart for TimTheTatman.

Despite being worth millions of dollars and one of the biggest names in gaming he remains as wholesome, authentic and good-natured as when he embarked on his streaming journey a decade ago

Whether he’s squading up with titans or kickin’ it with his old Counter-Strike buddies, you can always trust that Tim will be, well . . . Tim. And that’s what people love about Tim: the fact that, despite achieving massive success and enjoying all the perks of someone who’s too big for the rest of us, he’s anything but. No matter who he’s with, he’s the same old Tim he always was.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t depth to the guy. So, today, we’re going to take a deep dive and figure out: who is TimTheTatman, really?

Written by: Dimitri Pascaluta (@DPascaluta)
Hosted by: Josh Bury (@ThrownGauntlet)
Edited by: Sam Gore (@famgore)
Produced by: Miles Hackett (@miles_hackett)
Production assistance by: Nicolas Buck
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Animation by: Bennett Grainger

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  1. I almost believed this…just to clarify the video says "Dizzy got recruited for an ESEA playoff match that they needed to win to have a shot at PRO league". It's funny Dizzy got grounded and couldn't play because of vaping, HOWEVER, Tim's CS:GO playoff game was about as far away from PRO league as a high school football team is from playing in the Superbowl. Obviously Tim was playing with some players that DID have some recognition as being good players (emongg and fl0m are the one's I noticed), but they were playing in the lowest division of ESEA playoffs. ESEA goes [OPEN, MAIN, PREMIER (became MDL and now is ECL), INVITE (now PRO league)], or at least at the time he played those were the four divisions. Tim almost got promoted to the "main" division out of open playoffs. I'm sorry but this video stretches WAY further than reality. As someone who has played 16 seasons of ESEA I just had to verify the information for myself. Sorry if this comes off as aggressive or whatever, just felt like someone might appreciate the reality. Love tim, great guy 🙂

  2. Tim and Jev are the only COD dudes I sub, watch, and donate.
    I feel like they are some of the few people who are just being themselves and not a caricature of their identity.

  3. fire this guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so bad lol!!!!!!!!!!! tim was never even close to pro at csgo! make better hires!!!

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