1. I don’t use puff counters ever. I don’t mind them being there at all, I just haven’t found them to be relevant to my vaping experience…yet anyway. I LOVE the Smok Acro. I use freebase Eliquid, and it is the best flavor in a pod system I’ve used to date. It’s better than the flavor of the Caliburn G, the XROS, and the Smok Nfix coils BY FAR in my opinion. The airflow is PERFECT for my liking and MTL, and…..I’m still rocking the first coil and it’s delicious after a month. That is obviously relative to the liquid I use. It’s also the cheapest pod kit I’ve bought to date. Paid $34 at a brick and mortar vape shop. Can’t beat it.

  2. I've been smoking for over 40 years, and my lungs can't take anymore. I've got my cost down to 2 bucks a pack by shredding and stuffing my own cigs, so cost means something to me. I've tried everything there is to quit, and it ain't going to happen. I've been doing a lot of research, and what I would like to hear is somebody saying what they get out of one of these, please. So here's an example: I get about 150 puffs per fill and the coils last about 10 fills, but I only use a really light niksalt. Now I can figure out how much it's going to cost. 30 ml at 15 bucks and replaceable coil/tanks about 5 bucks apiece which would make it 15 bucks for around 150 cigs. Call it 8 packs so that's about 2 bucks a pack. Now that would be useful information. :<)

  3. Just got 2 of these for myself and my roommate, BLVK synthetic nicotine juice through this system (50mg nicotine) is INSANELY smooth, ridiculously smooth even, great build quality AND USB-C

  4. I just got a p5 scar the store told me to go for 50mg salt , never done it before so I got 18mg instead . It came with .4 coils but I found some .8 ones instead could you tell me if that will be good for nic salts and what wattage ? The rim coils say .8 at 25w but I heard 10w is plenty . Shits super confusing

  5. Can someone tell me how the pod life is on these? I've always been a rebuildable guy but I want to switch to nic salts now and I'm worried about the cost of pods… Please let me know how many days these will taste good/not burn out and how frequently you vape. Thank you so much!

  6. I've been using the xros for a couple of months but I'm ready for something different. I hear this one often leaks. That's a no go from me. I want something with looong lasting pods. Or coils if you can replace the coils inside the pods

  7. Just switched from cigarettes to this and it allowed me to literally throw out the rest of my cigarettes.
    I'm 2 days free now and have had minimal cravings.

  8. Had mine for almost a year I would say and I’ve had issues with the pods. Every other box has a few if not all of them trash! I love the device but the pods are trash and don’t work half the time. Really sucks and I’m about to switch devices.

  9. Just ordered this today for $25 online. I have a smok Novo 4 and a Vaporesso Xros mini as well. I like having multiple systems to put different e-juices in and it’s nice to always have a device ready to go.

  10. Im in UK, Nord V2 let me down leaking all over, which gutted me, beautiful bit of kit. So I got a replacement which I've not unboxed yet. I'm going to grab one of these tomorrow. Can you please tell me what I need to pour into this pod. Something which ain't going to struggle to smoke it, and get longer coil times. I don't understand this salts business, and this 50/50 ect. Please can you tell me some brands of juice, and what I néed to look for i.e salts, or no salts?? I'm just wanting to stop the cigarettes and get vapeing. Have a Blessed weekend…this guy is funny, and full of knowledge. SALUTE BROTHER from UK 👍🏻 🇬🇧🇺🇸✌🏻

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