Highbrid Tank by | HoneyStick | Wax / Dab Vape Tank | All features, How to, 510 Thread | Voltage

Highbrid Tank -Dan Hoff COO of HoneyStick takes you on a journey of exploring the highbrid tank, how to operate, maintain, and enjoy one of the most intense mod tanks set up for concentrates, shatter, crumble, or dabs.

He also explains the kit and contents that would come with your order.

He goes through an Unboxing, operations and use, Ideal temperature, priming, coil changing and the hidden secrets for expert use. He gives tips about how to use it as a concentrates blender tank and how it is the Best essential Oil tank on the market.

Unknown details and features that the sub-ohm tank has. This video shows you all in dept.

This tank is 510 thread and works with most batteries. This tank give you an awesome taste and experience..

Get your Sub-Ohm tank today

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Comment if you have any questions and we will answer them in our next video 😎


  1. Bought two of these tanks. The first one I opened read no atomizer I changed the coil and cleaned the 510 ports still didn’t read. Thought it might be faulty so I tried and the other one read just fine and works great. Idk how to send this back and get a new one because it’s broken great product though.

  2. Use the drop method as my buddy called it when he saw me Loadind something similar. Use your nails to get it to the end then a little heat from a lighter and it will drop exactly where you want it to.

  3. Rookie question: Can I use this w a vape pen? Currently using a Skunk Labs pen that does 2.4v, 2.8v, and 3.2v, prob what most of them do. Thank you.

  4. I sure would like to see a demo and a close up of that chamber with a more in-depth look at how it vapes, what to clean(or not clean) and more info about the threads and if they need special care. I’m really looking for something like your plasma tank but in this 510 form… do you have anything like that?

  5. Hey so finally got mine. Literally broke the glass chamber in 20 secs trying to fill up the bowl there’s gotta be a better way to package it Unassembled. Great product don’t get me wrong just sucks that it break soooooooo easily after waiting so long for it arrive. Like it’s so fragile there’s a 90% chance you’re going to break that first glass chamber

  6. Hey I got my Highbrid a few months ago and it has been a game changer, I bought a saionara a week later and haven’t used it more than a few times because the highbrid works so well. The other day I was soaking my heating chamber in 70 percent iso, and I accidentally left it in the box it came in, which has a solid plastic lid so I feel it would be an environment conducive to moisture, I was wondering what type of metal the heating chamber is made of, I’m worried about inhaling rust

  7. I recently purchased this but I find I only get one or two hits from it, then my wax melts underneath the rods and then I don’t get any vapor, is this normal?

  8. Were at on website can u get coils and do u replace the whole metal assembly or just coil swap seems like screw out whole metal assembly I burned one learning. Seems good on go unit rig seems way go at home. But I love the unit on one coil left though need get some coils

  9. Just got mine in the mail today. This is the best quality tank that works with shatter I’ve come across so far! A little tedious having to wiggle the glass to load it, but the hits it gives makes up for that. Happy to add this to my growing honeystick collection!

  10. Why do people always ask if their mod is compatible with things like this?
    Do you screw into a 510 connection?
    If you do then this will fit. Just keep the watts between recommended settings.

    Now, to my question. Why is this callef a hybrid?
    What did it combine?

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